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Virtual Escape: The Play Room Download Setup Compressed

Virtual Escape: The Play Room Download Setup Compressed

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About This Game

Virtual Escape: The Play Room is a 3D virtual reality game designed for the HTC Vive with support for Oculus Rift. Here you interact with objects and find the layered clues to reach your ultimate goal.

Gameplay takes you on an engaging journey through a family's emotional trauma, with twists and surprises along the road.

The atmospheric feel and interaction develops a deep connection with the characters that begs to be explored deeper. Taking place within a single room, you must find the clues and complete the challenging puzzles on the way to fulfil your achievement awards.

With realistic graphics and intuitive interaction, Virtual Escape: The Play Room is an experience you won’t want to miss.

  • Supports the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.
  • Medium to small size room works fine, as you can teleport using the controllers.
  • Reach height minimum 1.8 meters.

*Please Note, while this game does not contain any graphic violence. It does contain some audio clips that some players may find disturbing. Players discretion advised*

Title: Virtual Escape: The Play Room
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Default Interactive, Broken Dreams, Webb 3D
Default Interactive
Release Date: 31 Oct, 2016


Great escape the room game. It took me a bit too long to figure out one of the puzzles, but I'm glad I persisted.

My only qualms with the game are: the player character tends to be really annoying in telling me that a thing I was holding was "useless" when I was exploring everything the first time through (though I was grateful for it later on when I was stuck). Also, the teleportation transfers the center of your play area to the point you indicate, and not where you're currently standing, which leads to some "why am I not teleporting?" and "why did I just appear in a wall?" moments.

Also, the story is unintelligable and completely ignorable. Not invested in the slightest, and it's hard to even tell the characters apart sometimes.

Other than those minor quibbles, I recommend this for the puzzles.. Nice escape room game. Graphics and sounds are good to pretty. The riddles are... Mh - After the first few ones I stuck for a while. Then I accidently found the solution and from then it was a little simple. But this may depend on the way people think.

There is some kind of story where memories comes with audio flashbacks. I hope this will be continued in a sequel. I liked it a lot!

Not so good:
Controlling is a little clumsy. At least on Oculus Rift rotating sometimes ends you up in a wall even though you just wanted to move around your own axis. Sometimes manipulating objects is a little tricky.

You cannot save (Can you? I did not find such an option).

But All in all a absolutely recommendable.. Really well constructed, with good challenging puzzles. Definitely recommened if you like room escape games as much as I do.
. It only took me about half an hour to complete, but it is a solid little room escape game. The puzzles were challenging but fair. I'm giving a positive review because I'd like to see more from the developer if they continue the seies, but here is some constructive criticism:

-Objects did occasionally phase through the floor, but they always returned to the 'lost and found' box, which is a functional (if inelegant) solution to the problem.

-I'd like to have hands in this kind of game, not controller models with floating hand icons at the end.

-If my vision is going to go black everytime I go near a wall, at least indicate which direction I should move to get back to the play area, it is very disorienting to have no visual feedback.. Good Escape Room.
Easy to complete once you know how, but I got stuck for quite a while on one of the puzzles.
Achievements are varied, but most will come with a single playthrough.
Hand detection needs a little work, the letter combination lock is specifically difficult to use, but the whiteboards are also hit and miss.
Played on a Oracle Rift, no performance issues or game breaking bugs.. A solid escape the room game. Single room escape with an interesting sub-story you find as you pick up some of the objects.. New to VR and im glad I let this be one of the first few games I try out. This game was pretty amazing. I am looking forward to more from this creator! Well thought out puzzle and story is interesting as well.. If you're a fan of VR Escape Rooms then you'll enjoy The Play Room.. > Easy one but Good one

. One of the most polished escape the room experiences on vive so far. Though not integral to solving the room, the story adds a nice touch :)

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