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The Best Cable Gland Manufactures in China

The Best Cable Gland Manufactures in China

HONT is one of the leading cable gland manufacturers in China. It has been doing well in distribution, supplying and exporting. The products are produced by the best raw materials, IP68. Usually, our cable glands including water proof type and industrial plug. Cable Glands from HONT is water proof cable glands. So below I will introduce this kind of cable glands.
Cable gland from HONT, the leading cable gland manufacturer, is made of top level quality nylon plastic material. It is not made of material brass. The material made gland is named brass cable gland.

They are belonging to metal cable glands. The whole body of nylon cable glands appears to be bright and smooth. They are use for wide range of cable, just as the cable ties.

It has chemical resistance, anti-aging ability. And it also owns high breaking tensile strength, high tenacity and great water resistance ability. Besides cable gland from good cable gland manufacturers has long service time.

It is anti-salt, anti-dust. Its resistance to acid, base, alcohol, oil, grease and common solvent is very strong. Besides, it does well in insulation. So it is secure and safe.

And plastic cable gland has the ability of easy to install and carry. It is safe, durable, with strong tensile strength. You will find it widely used and applied in the electrical factories, wiring systems and some other places.

There are many cable gland manufacturers. They are producing variety of specifications, different dimensions, sizes, colors. Water proof cable gland can be divided into several kinds of classifications.

For example, they can be divided into inner screw thread cable gland, outer screw thread cable gland, and lock cable gland. They are classified into different types for their different application. Our customers can make the order in details of the specifications to secure electrical cables.

Cable gland is also named of cable head. It is made by cable gland manufacturers in China. It is consisted of three parts, nut, body, and gripping sleeve. Cable gland is used together with electrical tubes. It is playing a role of fastening and water resisting.

Water proof cable gland produced by HONT, cable gland manufacturer provides safe and secure connecting and joining for its users.Read More

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