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Dr. Reckeweg Silicea 200

Normal Name: Silica. Unadulterated Flint

Silicea is the constant of Pulsatilla.

Causes and Symptoms for Dr. Reckeweg Silica (Silicea)

Silica advances removal of unfamiliar bodies from the tissues; fish bones, needles, bone splinters.

It might cause the assimilation of scar-tissue, free the illness, consequently utilized in the grumblings of keloid.

Aggravation, expanding and festering of organs, cervical, axillary, parotid, mammary, inguinal, sebaceous, is alleviated with assistance of Silicea (silica)

Sweat of hands, toes, feet and axillae is hostile in the patients who need Silica.

Every last injury festers means that this cure. It serves to develops abscesses, resolve the discharge framed in the injury.

Silica patient is cool, crisp, needs bounty comfortable attire, loathes drafts, hands and feet chilly, more awful in winter

Shuddering when composing, shortcoming of joints, emissions tingle just in daytime and evening. Ejection on jaw is recuperated with assistance of this medication.

Patients who experience the ill effects of inadequate nourishment, the explanation being Imperfect ingestion, digestion of food.

Brain and Head

Kids are willful, stiff-necked, cry when spoken compassionate to, the patient considers just pins, fears them, looks for them, and tallies them cautiously.

Fretful, restless of hands that beginnings at any rate commotion shows Silica, Throbbing migraine, for the most part from clog of blood in head is assuaged with assistance of this medication.

Tingling pustules and bulbous swellings on bushy scalp and on neck that are delicate to pressure.

Cerebral pain from spine reaching out over head and situating more than one eye particularly the right eye is profited with Silica.

The dizziness of Silicea similarly rises from the rear of the neck; as though one would fall forward now and then in reverse; exasperated by looking into, shutting eyes; lying on left side. Sweat uniquely on the head.

Eyes, Ear and Nose

Obscurity before eyes after cerebral pain, Sparks, and dark spots before sight is mitigated with Silica.

Growing of outside of ear with release (of discharge) from the ear, Hardness of hearing and Swelling, Induration of parotids has been alleviated with this cure.

Silicea helps in Inflammation of nostrils, Itching in nose, Scabs, pimples, and ulcers in nose.


Silica settle Indurations left after festering; on account of tonsillitis with Swelling of the uvula, Swelling of the sense of taste.

Stomach and Abdomen

Steady queasiness and regurgitating with Heaviness in stomach, Burning sensation in pit of stomach is recuperated with Silica.

Pressing factor in stomach, once in a while after each feast, or on drinking rapidly means that this cure.

Growth of mid-region, Inflammation and expanding of inguinal organs is assisted with Silica.

Troublesome ejection of flatus, Constipation where the stool catches incredible trouble, comes a little path through the butt with steady however ineffective craving for stool is mitigated with assistance of this medication.

Excruciating hemorrhoids project during stool means that Silica.

Male Complaints

Nonappearance of sexual longing, with shortcoming in genital capacities, sweat and tingling in scrotum with tingling, sodden spots on scrotum is assisted with this cure.

After coition, torment in appendages, as from weariness, or vibe of shaking on one side of head is eased with assistance of Silica

Female protests

Release of blood from the vagina each time the kid takes the bosom Silicea 200 milk means that Silica.

Tingling, consuming, and touchiness in pudenda; during menses. Release of blood from the uterus, while nursing.

Indurations in bosom, hard, difficult, and swollen at areola is calmed with assistance of Silicea.

Tingling, consuming, and touchiness during menses is settled with assistance of this cure.

Back, Neck and Extremities

Join between the hips. Coccyx agonizing, as after a long carriage ride with Shootings in the midsections, when situated or resting is calmed with assistance of this medication.

Silicea settle cramps in arms and legs, ulcers about nails, Soreness and weakness in appendages is profited with assistance of this medication.

Deadness of hands around evening time, Dryness in tips of fingers, Profuse perspiration of the hands shows Silicea.

Torment in joints of fingers, when squeezed, Skin broke, on arms and hands and spasm in the bottoms of feet is eased with this cure.

Silicea assists with eliminating the corns in the feet, with shooting agonies and strain of calves of legs.

Consuming in back when strolling in outside and turning out to be warm is calmed with assistance of this cure.


Silicea is a significant cure in kind gestures of the nails that handicapped people and produce irritation around and under them.


Silicea is significant in the affectability to taking virus.

Silica is the cure of administration in habitually, short flushes of warmth during the day time, mainly in face.

It is appropriate to youngsters who are delayed in figuring out how to walk.

Symptoms of Dr. Reckeweg Silica (Silicea)

There are no such results. In any case, each medication ought to be accepted keeping the standards as given.

Measurements and rules while taking Dr. Reckeweg Silica (Silicea)

Take 5 drops fifty-fifty cup of water three times each day.

You can likewise cure the globules and take 3 times each day or as recommended by the doctor.

We prescribe you to take under doctors direction.


We have accepted that you have counseled a doctor prior to buying this Silicea 200 medication and are not self curing. Homeopathic meds have a few uses and are endorsed based on indication comparability.

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