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shaving is a good way to get rid of unwanted stubble and hair on the face, underarms, and legs that doesn't need to be drawn out. But shaving is only good for minor details. stubble means there's hair available that can be pulled out before your next shaving routine.

For longer areas, shaving is the best solution: you either have to shave it yourself, using a razor sheath or a multitasking razor; or buy a shaving brush that will do it for you. flurry of coffee; a tube of shaving soap; and one of those bright orange shaving foam containers; or better yet, a shaving Laser Hair Removal Glasgow manual; better still, conduct a seminars about shaving, so you'll have a little bit more confidence when you're shaving for the first time.


for most of us, the application of a straight razor is still the best way to go-it's incredibly cheap, and it lasts way longer than any other method (with the exception of waxing). However,if you choose to shave with a straight razor, make sure you shave as close as possible to the root, as that point will be more protected against infection. You should also exfoliate and treat your skin before you shave, and if you are using a shaving instruction manual, it would be best to follow the instructions there closely; red, ingrown hair can be shave away, and ingrown hairs can be treated with anti-fungal mud and gels.

ice cream

we get it, we use it for tablets and globules, and it's good for those with sensitive skin. It's also extremely convenient after a shower, and can be used to treat any infected areas on your face. Unfortunately for us, the residue from the cream covers the exposed skin, so you'll have to wash your skin, and before you know it, you'll have another infection.

But there is a simple way to prevent these infections: use ice cream for your facial hair removal. That little trick will be sure to stop any infection you currently have, and will allow you to keep your beautiful skin smooth and bright after you've had it removed.


it's hard to get rid of germs on your hands when you're wearing a suit, regardless of how clean you think you are. a quick trip to the washroom could be the difference between a potential scrubbing and a serious infection. that's why it's best to carry around some hemorrhoid cream, or even aloe vera to help relieve the itching and swelling while you're wearing your suit.

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