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About This Game

Predicate is a fast paced bullet-hell with a colorful palette and challenging bosses. The game features two playable characters with unique styles of play, each having thei 5d3b920ae0

Title: Predicate
Genre: Action, Indie
Radio 13 Games
Radio 13 Games
Release Date: 16 Nov, 2018


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Somewhat similar to "Just Shapes and Beats", Predicate does enough to stand out on it's own. It's fun, has a great soundtrack but falters in random spikes of difficulty. I think with tuning Predicate could become a potentially much better game, but I do recommend it in it's current form. Specifically the enemy that controls more like a Snake. Gameplay: not exactly balanced,only the triangle is usable,since the ball is either big=large hitbox,or a small but one hit kill thingy,unlike the triangle/snake. i got stuck with the ball at the point where i couldn't go to the sides and there were many small balls,if anyone says "but the tutorial said that you can destroy sokme shots" then tell me has anyon,I mean,ANYONE destroyed a shot so far,like,DEFINATELY destroyed and not just let it dissapear?i triet to go both upgrade paths,no destruction also another messes up the bars,like exit or play.. Simple in design and devilish in execution, Predicate is fast-paced, intense, and satisfying. Levels vary from clearing stages of a variety of enemies, to surviving waves of attackers, to finding the weak spots on bosses while dodging complex attack patterns. The game puts a lot of emphasis on not going easy on you, but with an easier setting to drop down to I could practise the attack patterns of the more challenging bosses before beating them on hard. The pounding soundtrack keeps the pace feeling fast, and the psychedelic visuals make for an interesting experience without cluttering the screen or obscuring projectiles. Though perhaps a bit unforgiving on some of the longer levels, it is inherently satisfying from the smallest victories like surviving an elaborate attack to the greater milestones of beating bosses or unlocking achievements. If you like being challenged and dodging hundreds of bullets by the skin of your teeth, I recommend picking this game up.

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