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Have you had enough of pointless & boring "simulator" ripoffs? It's about time someone made a simulator that's actually a game you can enjoy. Prepare to restore you faith in the simulator games, GameIndica Entertainment brings you the next best simulator since the simulator genre was born.


Predator Simulator is an action arcade RPG packed with endless gameplay and new missions for every game session. On a quest to become a true Lionborn, you get to save the planet by wiping out humanity from the face of the earth. Yeah.... didn't you always want to do that anyway? Now is your chance!


Explore the wild countryside while enjoying fresh farm raised pigs, rooster & chicken wings. Reach the human populated city to start your manhunt and climb up the defcon levels. Eat anything that moves because that what a predator does to survive. Tasty and weak human prey will get you big rewards, but be careful, too much chaos will attract the hunters! You will be classified as a Predaterrorist and face heavy resistance. Be prepared for the worst. Unlock the hidden uncharted territory outside the game world by becoming a true Lionborn, where you can find secret journal entries from the game developer. We hope you will enjoy knowing more about the back story of this game and how it was made.


+ Play as an apex predator AKA a lion.
+ Funniest part of the game is the Advanced AI system with real-time Predator-Prey simulation. Unarmed preys will try to run for their lives, armed hunters will try to hunt you down. Although getting them scared will make it easy to hunt them. Various scaring tactics can be used (ex. Attack from hidden corners or behind, jump scare them, roar at them, eat someone in front of them etc)
+ Kill various species depending on your own humanitarian or animal loving bias.
+ There are hipsters, rednecks, donut loving cops, cosplayers and even console peasants in the city.
+ Live tweets from your poor, whining victims
+ After hunting your prey, eat them and listen to the sweet bone crushing musical notes. It never gets old.
+ Defcon levels work like wanted levels in any open world game. The higher you get, the more bonuses you get but the game becomes more difficult.
+ Tons of characters to unlock as you play. Bigger rewards for hunting down higher level victims.
+ Powerful roar to scare everyone around you. Once you become a true Lion born by acquiring the glorious Fus-Roar-Duh skill, roars become lethal.
+ Xbox Controller support. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Predator Simulator
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation
Imran Arafat
Reality Gameware
Release Date: 11 May, 2015


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 1.3Ghz+
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 512MB+ with Shader model 2+
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 200 MB available space


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Absolutely awful. Terrible models, horrible music and sounds, the constant screaming of the townspeople is one of the more annoying noises I've heard. I would rather listen to an orchestra of forks scraping teeth and fingernails filing away at chalkboards that spend any more time listening to the incessant screaming that becomes louder and more frequent the longer you play. Gameplay is boring and redundant. Stupidest game I've ever played.. i've only played for 30 minutes and already i've encountered game ending bugs, such as flying and prey no longer spawning. not to mention the horrible controls. i'm glad i only got this in a cheap bundle.. I really love this game, which is something that is rare for me to say. I'm going to explain what the best parts are about this game right now!

First of all, when you play the game the quality is set to the best one which games don't really do. If you click outside the window in windowed mode then the game will actually pause which I think is a really nice feature to have. It loads quickly (even quicker than modern console and PC games do) and has a nice main menu. The process of getting from the menu to the game is really quick because you are already at the place the game starts at. The animals are easy to kill so you don't have to worry about them that much. The graphics are perfect for the sort of game and the cartoon like physics just make it even better. The controls can be hard to master at first but soon you will be a true lion going around and eating people. One of the most funniest moments is when people sometimes glitch out and their model stretches everywhere which has now been fixed :(

The hunger makes you think about whether you should go somewhere isolated or not without upgrades. The game play is so great and everyone should play it. Let me reword that: PLAY IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!

(Also why do people not like a review that is positive?)

As a note: I will not change this review just because a lot of people hate this game. I like it so there is no point to get me to change anything.. So, I got on a trash can and got launched into skybox. Then, I landed on a flat. Pretty cool
7.5/10 Music was pretty nice. Lion that can't even jump?What a trash game!. I got this game at launch time, at which point I was disappointed in what I'd gotten for $6. The price tag wasn't huge, but with as many games as I've played, I know what I can reasonably expect for that price. I posted a short review stating my opinion, to which the developer, GameIndica, responded almost immediately. Combining my input with that of others, he released not one, but two launch day patches which addressed most of our concerns. Any developer who cares that much about customer feedback has his heart in the right place. This alone helped me feel that he more than earned not only my $6, but also a better review. So here's the skinny:

This is a small game about being a lion eating everything that moves. I'd call it more of an arcade game than a simulator. The basic objective is to convince the population that you are as great a threat as possible (raising DEFCON levels) in order to earn the biggest rewards (coins and diamonds) which you can then invest in upgrades to make your lion more deadly.

The graphics get the job done, but won't blow you away. The art style is like a children's cartoon show, with bright colors and bobble-headed characters (except also with blood and corpses). Some of the character models are funny enough on their own that they made me smile. Animations are amusing enough, but can get repetitive after a while.

The screams and shouts coming from the NPCs definitely add to amusement factor. Like the graphics, they're cartoony and fun. Though technically not sounds, the little speech bubbles that pop up on screen have some pretty funny memes to offer. The atmospheric sounds do their job nicely, adding a layer of depth without being obtrusive. Music is not present, which is fine by me. I usually end up turning off music in a game like this in favor of internet radio or something. Eating people to the sounds of The Prodigy, for example, is a great time :)

The controls are a little wonky at first, but they are basic enough that I got used to them quickly. I strongly recommend a gamepad. Gamepad recognition is quick and easy. Just turn it on at any point before or during play - no menu options to set up. The controls feel good once you've gotten used to them. Running with your lion at top speed (after all speed upgrades) is genuinely fun, and lunging at three or four targets, killing them all, is very satisfying.

Overall, this little game will probably provide you with a few good hours of late night entertainment. This is just the kind of thing I like after a long day and a few beers - light arcade-style gameplay that doesn't require a huge time investment or mental focus. The upgrade system feels a little limited and some expansion of it would add replay value.

7/10 - Not a masterpiece, but a fun offering from a new developer. If this appeals to you and you want to expand your library, you'll probably be happy with what you get for the $6 price tag, but if you're on the fence I'd recommend buying it on sale. The developer's quick and positive response to criticism definitely made this into a "thumbs up" review and give me reason to look forward to future releases from him.. it is a fun game to kill some time..

I'd be lion if I said the game was good. If you pride yourself as predator enthusiast I'd leave this game behind.

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