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Majun Falasfa (Majoon – E – Falasifa) is a natural Unani medication. It reinforces kidneys, bladder, and nerves. It is demonstrated in messes influencing the nerves, kidneys, and urinary bladder like sexual weakness, kidney brokenness, extreme micturition, and so forth It is likewise given in the event of gout, spinal pain, heartburn, and loss of hunge Majun Falasfa r.

Its name is offered because of its utilization for savvy people to work on mental force. It is Muqavvi Dimagh (Brain tonic), Muqavvi Aasab (Nervine to Majun Falasfa nic), Muqavvi Meda (Gastric to Majun Falasfa nic), Muqavvi Baah (Aphrodisiac) and Muallid Mani (Semen Procreator). In Males, it further develops charisma and semen quality and amount. It thickens semen and helps in sperm development

Majun Falasfa gives energy and further develops weight. It is exceptionally nutritive because of the presence of Cha Majun Falasfa momile seeds, Coconut part, Chelgozha piece, Salep orchid, and Indian Gooseberry. It additionally contains Trikatu which helps in better absorption of this plan. Majun Falasfa

Majun Falasfa contains 4.82% Raisins and 75% nectar or sugar. Because of its high sugar content, it ought not be utiliz Majun Falasfa ed in diabetes and weight.

In Unani medication framework, Majoon Majun Falasfa or Majun are desserts or sweet arrangements containing the powders of medications given specifically plan and arrangement of sugar or nectar. Word Majun is gotten from Ajn, which intends to blend. In this planning powder of medications is blended well in Qiwam of sugar or Asl (Honey). The planning of Majun includes blending of powder of medicati Majun Falasfa ons in a specific consistency of arrangement of sugar or nectar. They are named by the central fixing, designer or activity.

Accessibility: Online and Majun Falasfa at clinical stores

Kind of medication: Classical Unani Medicine

Principle Indication: Sexual weakness, kidney brokenness, inordinate micturition, gout, spinal pain, heartburn and loss of craving

MRP/Price: Hamdard Majun Falasfa @ MRP INR 68

Depiction: Dark earthy colored shaded semisolid planning with a sweet taste and sweet-smelling scent.

Unani System of medication adv Majun Falasfa anced in Greece and was first acquainted with India by the Arabs. It is likewise called as Greco-Arab medication, Unani Tibb, Arabian medication, or Islamic medication. Hippocrates is known as the dad of this arrangement of medication. The hypothetical system of Unani medication depends on his lessons.

It is a customary restorative framework and ordinarily rehearsed in South Asia. The beginnings of Unani medications are found in the teachings of the antiquated Greek doctors Hippocrates and Galen. It was subsequently evolved and refined through methodical investigation by the Arabs. Unani drugs are ready from therapeutic plants, minerals, creatures items, and so o Majun Falasfa n In Unani medication, single medications or their blends in crude structures are liked over compound plans. The normally happening drugs utilized in this framework are generally liberated from any incidental effects.

Majun Falasfa Composition

Fixings present in this plan are given underneath:

Maweez Munaqqa Vitis vinifera Linn. Natural product 450 g

Zanjabeel Zingiber of Majun Falasfa ficinale Rosc. Rhizome 150 g

Filfil Siyah Piper nigrum Linn. Natural product 150 g

Filfil Daraz Piper long Majun Falasfa um Linn. Natural product 150 g

Darchini Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blume, Bark 150 g

Aamla Emblica officina Majun Falasfa lis Gaertn. Natural product 150 g

Post-e-Balela Terminalia belerica Roxb. Natural product Rind 150 g

Sheetraj Hindi Plumbago zeylanica Linn. Root 150 g

Zarawand Madahraj Majun Falasfa Aristolochea rotunda Linn. Root 150 g

Salab Misri Orchis latifobia Linn. Root 150 g

Maghz-e-Chilghoza Pinus gerardiana Wall. Piece 150 g

Bekh-e-Babuna Matricaria chamomilla Linn. Root 150 g

Maghz-e-Narjeel Cocos nucifera Linn. Piece 150 g

Tukhm-e-Babuna Matricaria chamomilla Linn. Seed 75 g

Asal or Qand Safaid Honey or sugar Crystals 7.0 Kg

Technique for planning:

Take every one of th Majun Falasfa e elements of pharmacopoeial quality.

Clean every one of the fixings from 1 to 14 and make a fine powder utilizing pulverizer and pass through the strainer of 80 lattice size. Disintegrate sugar in 700 ml cleansed water in a steel vessel and warmth till the consistency of three tar is accomplished. Add every one of the fixings to the hot syrup individually and mix till total homogenization. Permit the mass to cool to room temperature and fill it in dampness free water/air proof compartments.

Unani Action

Hazim (Digestive)

Muallid Mani (Semen Procreator)

Muqavvi Aasab (Nervine tonic)

Muqavvi Baah (Aphrodisiac)

Muqavvi Dimagh (Brain tonic)

Muqavvi Meda (Gastric t Majun Falasfa onic)

Muqawwi-e-Meda (Stomachic)

Mushahhi (Appetizer)

Majun Falasfa of Biomedical Action

Cell reinforcement: Inhibits oxidation.

Anxiolytic: lessen nervousness.

Spanish fly: Stimulates sexual craving.

Nervine: tonic for nerves, q Majun Falasfa uiet the nerves.

Neuroprotective: Protects neuronal construction and additionally work.

Majun Falasfa Health Benefits Majun Falasfa

It invigorates kidneys, bladder, and nerves.

It improves mental force. Majun Falasfa

It is valuable in Salasul Bol (Incontinence of Urine).

It fortifies the nerves.

It builds the thickness of semen and sex life.

It fortifies kidney and bladder and stops unnecessary pee.

It is likewise valuable in gout and spinal pain and helps in assimilation and expands craving.

It is a home grown wellbeing tonic. Majun Falasfa

Majun Falasfa Therapeutic Uses Majun Falasfa

Anorexia (Loss of Appetite)

Bed Wetting

Nisyan (Amnesia)

Salasul Bol (Incontinence of Urine)

Salas-ul-Baul (Polyuria) Majun Falasfa

Sue Hazm (Dyspepsia)

Usr-ul-Baul (Dysuria) Majun Falasfa

Wajaul kulliya (Kidney Pain)

Wajaul Mafasil (Arthralgia)

Waj-ul-Mafasil (Joint torment)

The shortcoming of the Kidney and Urinary Bladder

Zof-e-Bah (Sexual weakness)

Zof-e-Hazm (Weak absorption)

Zof-e-Ishteha (Loss of craving)

Majun Falasfa Dosage

Majun Falasfa ought to be taken orally in a portion of 5-10 grams.

It tends to be required double a day, toward the beginning of the day and evening.

It is to be taken with water or milk. Majun Falasfa

Or on the other hand take as coordinated by a specialist.


Effectivity of natural medication relies upon numerous elements. A medication appropriate for one individual may not basically give a similar outco Majun Falasfa me in someone else.

The specific portion relies upon the age, strength, stom Majun Falasfa ach related force of the patient, the idea of the sickness, the condition of the viscera and humors, and the properties of individual medications.

Do check the rundown of fixings and their contraindications to keep away from any incidental effects.


It contains sugar and subsequently ought to be kept Majun Falasfa away from by a diabetic individual.

Medication Interactions

Kindly keep a hole of no less than an hour Majun Falasfa between admission of any allopathic medication and Ayurvedic medication to stay away from drug association, assuming any.

Try not to utilize a wide range of prescriptions for the medicines of a similar illness.

Majun Falasfa of Side-impacts Majun Falasfa

There are no known incidental effects for this medication.


Do check the rundown of fixings and their contraindications to keep away from any incidental effects.

Try not to utilize any medication during pregnancy without talking with specialist.

Capacity Majun Falasfa

Store in a cool and dry spot in a firmly shut holder, shielded from light and dampness.

Avoid the sight and reach of youngsters. Majun Falasfa

Keep bottle cap shut after each utilization. Majun Falasfa

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