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How To Tell Funny Jokes If You're A Serious Type

Even if you do not have one funny bone in your body, you can learn how to become more humorous.

Funny people tend to be liked by everyone, and those who know how to lighten the mood with an appropriate funny joke are welcome in any company.

But, being funny is more than just knowing how to tell jokes. It's more the way that you say it, than what you're saying that makes you a funny guy or gal. Think about it this way: even the funniest joke in the world would not be received as well as it could, if it was to be told by a robot (if robots could somehow tell jokes!).

If you're a serious type, you can infuse some light humor into your personality, without fear of becoming a clown. Instead of memorizing jokes, try to see Witze humorous about some everyday situation you find yourself in. Share your - hopefully, witty (or at least slightly funny and interesting) - remarks with your friends and colleges.

Don't worry if not everyone "gets" you: everyone has a different sense of humor, and you can't please everyone every time. Don't take it personal if someone doesn't laugh at your best jokes. You will encounter a blank stare from some people from time to time. Who knows, maybe it's them who haven't got a sense of humor - not you. Keep trying to create a funny situation out of thin air and you'll soon improve your joke telling technique.

If you're a serious type, don't all of a sudden start telling "dirty jokes" if that makes you uncomfortable. You don't have to lose your dignity just to make some stupid people laugh! Avoid telling jokes that are too controversial: political jokes are an example. A joke you tell can be completely harmless, but still hysterically funny.

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