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Hailstorm VR Download Setup Exe

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About This Game

Hailstorm is a multiplayer-focused sci-fi shooter designed for VR, with a focus on agile locomotion and gameplay customization. Players enter battle equipped with electrical body armor, wrist-mounted rocket thrusters, a wingsuit, up to 4 weapons, and 4 grenades. Custom game variants allow for nearly everything to be tweaked to create a wide range of gameplay from insane, high speed aerial combat to slow and careful tactical scenarios. User generated maps are fully supported and can be created in Unreal Editor and downloaded from Steam Workshop.

  • Walk with the thumbpad and use one of several customizable motion controller locomotion methods to sprint. Tweak speeds and efficacy to dial in on whatever sort of mobility you prefer.
  • Perform skillful aerial maneuvers using a unique full body locomotion system designed around motion controls
  • Fully ambidextrous weapon controls and a forgiving reload mechanic allow for smooth dual wielding of anything, assuming you can control for recoil.
  • Weapons spawn on maps and are fully swappable. Want to spawn with shotguns and have only rockets and snipers on the map? You can do that!
  • Prepare yourself for live battle by fighting multiplayer bots and shooting aliens in single player mode
  • Spawn aliens into multiplayer matches to create additional chaos

This game is still in development, but the current version contains:
  • 3 base game modes; Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the flag. All modes are highly customizable.
  • 8 distinct weapons and 2 types of grenades
  • 3 multiplayer maps and 1 single player mission


We play every Monday and Wednesday at 8pm GMT (for European people) and 8pm EST (for American people). Feel free to join at either time regardless of your location. a09c17d780

Title: Hailstorm VR
Genre: Action, Indie, Early Access
Release Date: 15 Sep, 2017


great game with cool movement. all it needs is more players.. Great game to start off with for halo fans and people who just enjoyed soaring through the sky releasing your clip of bullets into some man wearing a robot costume (I don't play Halo, if you couldn't tell.) However, the tutorial does take some time to get through but otherwise this game is an absolute favorite in my list of VR games. Great price, very kind and interactive developer and a good game if you have limited space!. This game is an absolute blast! please buy this game. The game is what I would imagine Halo in VR is like but with some ninja elements. Most fun part is dive-bombing an enemy and just destroying them. Die Computerspiele sehr gut.. Terrible controls
Game breaking Bugs
If it didn't have these problems it would be a great game, looking forward to that day.. I'M going to give it another chance.. It just needs more work.
Its a halo in VR game but the design department seem to be out to lunch.. Really interesting game, you can do a lot of unique things. The graphics are horrible and super sampling is broken at the moment, but it's still really fun. You can run with your arms, jump super high, have jumping thrusters, you get to fly around with a glider, wall jump, and skid down mountains and\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665

It's so cool and it's crazy fun. But there are no players, like at all, they have timed plays in their discord server but they have bots so.

The bots are scary though.... With A LOT more work this could be good fun, but not yet.
I'm still going to recommend it however, as the amount of reviews is low enough that a negative would be devastating

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