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About This Software


GeoVox is the latest real time world generation software application created by Axis Game Factory, Inc. GeoVox is a completely new stand-alone Voxel based real-time terrain creation tool.

GeoVox instantly creates lush AAA quality environments at the start of the application. Designed with intuitive game like controls it allows users to test for level playability as they are creating.

Key Features:
User Experience
•Instant environment is generated at application start
•Simple tools that allow users to edit the environment as needed without a steep learning curve
•Clean, low overhead GUI that allows for fast terrain editing, without limiting users creativity
•Standard game controls to allow users to explore their environment to simulate gameplay
•Flying Camera or FPS style with gravity and jump ability camera modes
•Full real-time Voxel based terrain editing
o Easily edit the terrain with simple point and click volume brushes
o Define Voxel brush sizes and shape
o Single click and click and drag on Voxel application
o Offset Voxel brush from center or base
o Brush snapping
o Add Voxel volumes
o Cut Voxel volumes
o Paint Voxel volumes
o User definable smoothing
o Cut volumes and Paint textures and apply environmental assets simultaneously
o Create a pallet of Voxel types to be used in your environment
o Voxel types can include textures, assets and vegetation
o Mix and match variables to create many Voxel types
o Voxel types can be applied upright or aligned to terrain normal
o Assets can have user defined depth off-sets
•Fully featured fractal algorithmic terrain generator
•Limited or Infinite terrain editing abilities (user decides and determines how large they want their maps)
•Create from hundreds of pre-packed, license free assets to use for professional development
•Assets include:
o Trees
o Plants
o Rocks
o Shrubs
o Flowers
o Grasses
•Library of terrain textures included with color, normal and specular maps
•Real-Time, user defined Ambient Occlusion

•Create Asset Packs for use with Geovox using the Geovox Asset packager and Unity FREE
•Importing of AGF and Geovox Asset Packs for use in Geovox
•Importing of the Geovox Terrain Format (Raw Mesh data) to Unity 5.0
• Asset Packager for use with Unity 5.0 Free to GeoVox asset package format
•GeoVox to .Obj exporting
o User defined model export parameters
o User defined export location
o User defined export size
o All mesh assets export with transforms applied
o All images export in .PNG format

Product Road Map of Future Updates / DLC - will be added at a later date
•Importing of the Geovox Terrain Format (Raw Mesh data) to Unity 5.0 (COMPLETED AND PUBLISHED 06.11.2015)
•Importing of the Geovox Terrain Format to the AGFPRO Editor (future update)
•Importing of the Geovox Terrain Format to the AGFPRO Player DLC (future update)
• Asset Packager for use with Unity 5.0 Free to GeoVox asset package format (COMPLETED AND PUBLISHED 06.11.2015) a09c17d780

Title: GeoVox
Genre: Animation & Modeling, Design & Illustration, Education, Photo Editing, Software Training, Utilities, Video Production
Axis Game Factory, Inc.
Axis Game Factory, Inc.
Release Date: 22 May, 2015


  • OS: Windows XP SP2 or better
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon X2 or Better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 6600 / ATI Radeon X800 (shader model 2.0+) or better
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 700 MB available space
  • Sound Card: N/A
  • Additional Notes: On 64 bit machines the following must be installed - Microsoft Visual C++ Redist (64)


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Honestly I only got it with the bundle. It looked pretty cool being able to form the environment and what not but it is not user friendly. The viewing controls along with the speed of looking\/ moving around is too difficult. Maybe theres some setting to fix it but I dont know. Im more stuck on the other software to put any time into this one.. 20 years of tool and game development experience gives me this opinion...

'Basically, this tool feels and appears like it wants to be a big boy tool made for the little guys.. but in the end, it serves no one correctly..*YET*. There is a potential here to morph this into a tool that many many people would want...but the question is; do the devs have the experience and knowledge to evolve this into what it is expected to be ? ..and then go beyond that into being the best tool to find within its' ranges of purpose ?
- I'm going to guess 'not with their current plans and knowledge as well as experience'. ..but if they find the right couple of people to add to their team, the sun *could* shine on these guys and make this a true $50 component tool. Currently IMO, it's an overly-made $15 specialty-niche tool that ignores all but one market.
..'Features only matter if they matter. *shrugs*

@Developers.. I hope you'll find the time to look into the areas that are holding you guys back from ruling this area. Listen to the complaints of your current marketed demographic.. then plan your next stages..THEN, and most importantly, find someone like myself(I may have time to help, depends on when\/where) to analyze what the plans and workflow will bring to the various levels of "game creators" and also of course "game developers".

There is potential here with this as a decent base framework.. but the current package is mind bendingly crooked and dead-end'd. last thing.. why are you requesting internet access so often ?

[ I selected that I would not recommend this product, but only at this time of course. Perhaps that opinion will change based on the future of this product. of June 2017, I do not recommend this tool. To Unity users nor to non-unity users. ...UNLESS.. you're just fiddling around and learning game development and the price is around $15. ]. Amazing! Ten minutes in and I have made a more fantastic terrain than with any other software. Definitely a must have for game developers, or even anyone who just wants to play around and make stuff. I can already see myself and other people spending many, many hours with this!. Complete waste of money, thankfully I got it refunded.. Amazing! Ten minutes in and I have made a more fantastic terrain than with any other software. Definitely a must have for game developers, or even anyone who just wants to play around and make stuff. I can already see myself and other people spending many, many hours with this!. Nice fun ahead! Tho i wish there were more tutorials on youtube :3. This program is not ready to do anything avoid purchase if.

1-If you want a small map with low polys

every map {even the ones with limited map size} will have minimum 600.000 polygons

2- No unity export {at the moment}

If you put a price tag of 37+ Euros, at least have that ready

3- you can only export the terrain to obj

Thats cool, but you will have 2.000 individual ground Obj... 200 grass...600 trees
and to top that of for some reason my OBJs dont have textures so all that i have is
a gray mesh [the no textures issue is maybe my fault]

FBX would help, but its not ready yet.

4-Program may need a more powerful system than the recommended {min requirements}

5-videos look cool, but in the software you dont have that much control if you compare this to Voxel Farm 2015

6-I dont recomend this if you want to do movies in maya {for example},
otherwise if its for games it can work.

Never in my steam life i have reviewed a product\/game, but this software frustrated me so much i just had to do it.

Update *

A}- Once you downloaded the app with the new update you HAVE to create a ACCOUNT and have to sign in [wich open new troubles] ...

B} first if you dont sign theres no GEOVOX, no offline with new update... instead of the unity feature they add a online only app, great.

2} Activation is needed, but activation is not sent to the email for confirmation and there are problem with this right now in the forums.[fixed]
buy the game now and there is a possibility that you will have to wait ACTIVATION from the DEV himself... after waiting response on the forum

8} New Heightmap is buggy and has many problems, also in PNG...not in .raw format

9} Reloading map in the generator makes the program crash sometimes

10}Loading a saved scene can sometimes cause perpetual {loading terrain} thus crash


100% unprofessional product. Reminds me of an old program I loved waaaay back when called VistaPro...which allowed you to create terrain and foliage using a very basic computer the time a 486? Love the ease of which you can create your scenery or control to a degree of what is generated. Powerful tool, but unsure how to integrate what is created here to be used in Unity or AGFPro.. What the hell is this?

Spent 3 hours making a terrain and figuring it out how the hell to export to Unity only to find out that ....:

You can't import custom textures which HONESTLY should be a given considering this is labeled as "software" for game developers. Do game developers not use original assets or what?

Yeah yeah I know, I read you could always just go and create a Unity3d package on Unity and then "import" (more like use the explorer\/finder to copy your files to the corresponding directory...) that into GeoVox.

Hell, I spent like 2 hours googling how the \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 to pack a Unity3d package since EVERYTIME I try to create and export a package it'll be set to "unityPackage" as opposed to "Unity3d".

How did i come to realize the absence of such a basic feature? Well... Cause I was trying to change the specular and normal maps of one of my voxel types and ended up realizing that EVERYTIME that I import a scene into Unity the materials loose the specular channel resulting in some horrible looks for the whole terrain.

I'm glad I got this discounted cause as of today, this is really still something I can't find myself using because of its severe professional features.

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