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FSX: Steam Edition - Augusta Airport (KAGS) Add-On Crack Fix

FSX: Steam Edition - Augusta Airport (KAGS) Add-On Crack Fix

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About This Content

The Masters Golf tournament is a bonus!

In 1941, the airport was first established as a flight training school to support the United States military build-up prior to its entry into World War II. In three years it trained over 5,000 personnel.

Commercial airline flights began in 1950 when Bush Field, as it was by then named, was transferred to the City of Augusta. In 1955 the terminal was opened to sell fuel and provide service to visiting aircraft and it never looked back. To this day, the fuelling operation continues as a major source of revenue for the airport, keeping it self-sufficient and profitable. In 2000 the airport was renamed the Augusta Regional Airport and it now supports more than half a million passengers each year.

During The Masters golf tournament, traffic through Augusta soars with airlines responding with more flights on larger equipment, including Delta Air Lines Boeing 737s and 757s. Augusta Regional Airport is served by Delta Air Lines and US Airways with typically 15 flights a day to Charlotte, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia.

The SIM720 Augusta Airport download has been created as a replica of the real world site. The package includes a wealth of custom created and placed objects and a high resolution ground polygon. In addition the precision placement of runways and taxiways and the custom night-lighting provide incredibly realistic take-off and landing experiences.

The Augusta Airport download has been designed for high compatibility and includes photo real blending with Default, Orbx Global and MegaScenery Earth Georgia. It is also DX10 compatible.


  • High-res ground polygon
  • Photo-real layout and textures (30cm resolution)
  • Hand placed hi-resolution buildings within airport boundaries
  • Extensive library of airport clutter
  • Animated people
  • Accurate taxiway lanes
  • Custom made static aircraft
  • Custom night lighting
  • Compatible with Default, MegaSceneryEarth Georgia and Orbx Global

Title: FSX: Steam Edition - Augusta Airport (KAGS) Add-On
Genre: Simulation
Dovetail Games - Flight
Release Date: 30 Jun, 2015


"The Masters Golf tournament is a bonus!"
This is a very misleading statement, because they DID NOT include the golf course. It was the only reason I bought this scenery, and there is no Augusta National to be found. How stupid and naive I was to think that it would be included.
There really is no point of going to KAGS if there is no Augusta National Golf Club golf course to fly around.
The scenery at the airport itself is OK at best, but it is a FPS killer when you are on approach to any runway.
Avoid this, even if it is on sale.
Don't be suckered into buying it like I was, thinking they would actually have the golf course that should go with it.. I experianced the same FPS issues that another poster did. Once I turned on the DX10 preview the FPS whent back up to 50-60. This is my home airport so I can tell you that the add on is very accurate.. I am re-doing this review because my initial one was crap. Before I get started let me tell you my PC specs, because I feel like this is important when helping you figure out if you should get this depending on where your specs are compared with mine. I am running an i7 4th gen, the GTX 970, 16 GB of ram and this along with FSX is on my SSD.

This add on kills my frames the most, out of all the add ons that I have. With most I run around 45-60 fps depending on what other payware im running. Even some of the bigger airports kill my frames less. (Sometimes I'll drop down to 16-20 fps runnning this add-on...ouch)

Graphics wise this add-on is one of my favourites. The texture detail is great. Unfortunately the taxiway, and runway lights shine slightly off from where the light posts and bulbs actually are (for me at least) which sucks because I love the way an airports lights look at night and to see them slightly off from where they should be is what some would call a "bon3r killer"?

It's nice to approach, I mainly use this airport when flying a Delta model (ATL-AGS) or American Eagle\/Ennvoy model (AGS-CLT) cause those are the actual routes for this airport at the moment commercially.

Is it worth what it's beinng sold for? I'm in the middle for this, leaning more towards yes.
If you are willing to fly in and out of here with some frame loss than yes. If you want smooth frames constantly at above 25 fps than this may not be for you. I will mention that this is one of my favourite add-ons despite the frame loss and lighting. I use it often.. As others have said this add-on causes serious frame rate issues. It was so bad i didn't bother to even look around.

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