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EM: Shader Attack Full Crack [cheat]

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About This Game

EM: Shader Attack is a hardcore arkanoid with colorful effects and unusual game elements. In this game you will play again and again!
In each new game you have to go through 10 different levels. Passage of the one level ordinary takes from 20 to 30 seconds. Passage of all levels takes less than 5 minutes. And most importantly, there is no likelihood that you will get tired of playing! And you know why?
Because, we have provided a high replayability due to the fact that every time when you start a new game, the game randomly drawn ten maps from the pool of maps. The game pool has more than 150 manually created maps. Every map has it’s own music theme and graphics!

The task is difficult, but doable. To pass each level you need to knock down at least half of all blocks. Some blocks will be open very powerful AOE bonuses. As soon as you catch the first bonus, no one can stop you!
One of the tasks in EM: Shader Attack is an accumulation of energy. If you can accumulate enough energy, then you can activate EM Mode. The game world in EM Mode is transformed, it becomes buoyant and frankly confusing. But here is reward. In this shader mode has an important advantage - you get a five-fold multiplication the power of all caught bonuses! Also, on every next level the ball will move a little faster ...and faster.
Didn’t catch, passed the ball and lost all of you lifes? Don’t worry and begin a new game! EM: Shader Attack offer completely new levels and dizzying experience! Everytime!

  • Each level in the game has been maded by hand (there are more than 150 maps);
  • Each level has its own graphical and musical theme;
  • You can use boosters and bonuses to earn as many points as possible. Limitations? Only your ability;
  • EM Mode will transform your game and will provide a truly huge amount of points. If you can handle it!

Title: EM: Shader Attack
Genre: Indie
Life Jumb DT
Dagestan Technology
Release Date: 29 Sep, 2016


  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Compatible with DirectX 9
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX® Compatible


This game is trash do not purchase

To start this off the music that is played during the video is not even in the game. The soundtrack is mediocre at best and towards the second half of the 10 levels turns to total\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665

"randomly drawn ten maps from the pool of maps."
Do not be fooled by this statement, you will see the same maps during different runs and even if you don't the maps are pretty much identical and have no effort put into them at all.

"Also, on every next level the ball will move a little faster ...and faster."
The ball at the start moves painfully slow and if you get a bad map at the beginning or bad RNG with the bonuses, it can take what feels like an eternity to complete. What makes this worse is that the speed at which the ball increases is nothing like the example displayed. Even on the final stage the top speed doesn't come close to the video and I'm almost convinced the video is speed up.

"Passage of the one level ordinary takes from 20 to 30 seconds."
This is completely dependent on the level and bonuses you get. From my experience you can either clear the entire map within seconds or slowly clear it breaking one block at a time making it one of the worst experiences possible.

The game plays and handles poorly
The sensitivity at which you move between the keys and mouse is insane. On one it moves too slow and on the other if you move it an inch you're on the opposite side of the map. The movement and controls feel so stiff the one comparison that comes to mind is how it feels to play Paladins compared to Overwatch. If you've played both of those games you'll know what I'm talking about. Not only that the game plays in the top left corner of your screen and when it does fullscreen properly the quality plummets into what feels like a powerpoint presentation.

Don't waste your money on this game even if it's on sale :). A decent "Atari-Breakout" Google easter egg lookalike game to play when you're bored. Only complaint is that you may lose track of the ball at times and get sent back to the beginning since it's so fast paced. The repetitive music also gets annoying. 7\/10.. Cool little game! I liked it to distract me from daily routine for a few minutes, day after day after day... Kind of addictive. The rhythm and graphics are well done. Here's hoping for an update... with achievements and longer play time and please let the bat-updates carry over to the next stage!

(I got this for .50 cents, at that price I can recommended it.). First, a message to the developers of this game: Thank you so much. I was always a fan of the Arkanoid games and block-breaking games in general, and this is a great game that draws from those games in it's own unique way. Please, keep working on this game; it has so much potential to become even greater than it already is.

After typing, I realized that I got on and rambled. TL;DR I love this game, it has wonderful music, design, and is overall very replayable. 9\/10, because I feel it could be so much more if the community asked it of the devs to add things to it.

Now, on to the actual review, which shouldn't be too long.

EM: Shader Attack is a wonderful game that draws from famous previous games such as Arkanoid to create a block breaking game that is quite enjoyable. If you ever enjoyed any games of that genre, you will enjoy this game, short as it may be.

This game has a beautiful art design, with all sorts of shapes that will appear in the background as you play, bounce the ball around, collect powerups... pretty much all of the actions and occurrences in this game will have some sort of effect on the background. It's so captivating that you will often lose yourself and lose a life if you're not careful. ;3 Along with this, you have the EM mode, which when activated changes the design of the background and the different parts of the game, making it even more intense and definitely meriting the seizure warning. The wonderful part of this is that there is a setting in the menu that you can use to reduce the imagery to a more basic form, which is still beautiful but is so much less likely to cause a seizure.

The actual gameplay is what you expect of this type of game: the simplistic moving from side to side and bouncing the ball off of different blocks, while trying to catch powerups. The paddle can be controlled using keyboard, mouse, or even gamepad controls if you feel like using them. Right now, there is only one gamemode, but there are many level designs that the game chooses from randomly for each ten level set that you play. While being simplistic, however, this does not imply it is an EASY game. Since the levels are generally easy and done in (at the most) 5 minutes, you would think that I've beaten the game multiple times in the 60 minutes shown. I have only succeeded once.So far, I have lost more than 20 times, and my beating the tenth level became hinged on one moment where I was blessed with a little bit of luck. For this reason, this game is so much fun and yet a great challenge; in only the short span of an hour, I became enthralled. Even better, this is the type of game that is perfect for when you need to wait on something, like a video or waiting for someone to arrive.

All in all, this game is great fun for the low price of $2, or whatever the price is in other currencies. In my opinion, the game is a 9\/10, if only because I feel that more gamemodes could be added to increase the fun and challenge of the game. I have no doubt that the community (who voted this game up here) would have no problem with helping the devs create more maps for it.. Best game 2k18. This game is very well made and features the creavite and innovative customisation of such a simplistic game. With great music challenging levels as the game progresses, this is a enjoyable game for relaxing in your freetime. And not just rage over every so little mistake you or a game makes. Enjoy playing! :). Game doesn't lock the mouse to the game window.. To start off, I got this game for $0.20 from a coupon only for this game. It's Brick Break, or Brick related titles that this game is. Just like the ones from old cell phones. There's many power ups that drop, and an ultimate that are pretty interesting. Other than that this game is really boring. Songs for each of the 10 levels are on a short loop that can get annoying really fast. Playing with the effects on is near impossible once you start getting many power ups as you lose track of what's an effect and what's the ball. There is also no sound effects from what I experienced, which is a shame as there could have been at least a nice tick for the blocks that are hit, or a sound when a power ups is grabbed and when it takes affect. Each level lasts about 30-40 seconds and because there is only 10 it shouldn't take too much longer than 5 minutes to play through the game, which isn't $2.00 worth. Also, the menu has minimal text and is just icons, not too hard to figure out but it wouldn't hurt to have some text that would fit the style of the main menu. The score's text and the hearts at the bottom don't fit in with the style very well and are very small. This game has Steam Cards that come with it and I think that's probably one of the only reason's that this game exists. If you really want to get this game I'd say it's $0.50 worth, so maybe when it's on sale.

This game is very barebones and probably only exists for Steam Cards, worth $0.50.

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