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About This Game

The ultimate mix of classic aesthetics and modern open world RPG!

Welcome to a truly open world RPG. Travel the world in the way you want, taking on the challenges you deem worthy of your time. Travel by blimp, artifact or by foot, and discover a vast world rich with characters, civilizations, monsters and adventure.
Take on quests the way you want to. Every quest has multiple ways to complete it, and the choices you make always have repercussions. Will you save the girl about to be sacrificed to the village fire god, or will you let her burn because it's not worth your time?

No matter what decision you make, there are always consequences. Your adventure begins with 1 of 3 choices that drastically change the flow of the entire game:
  • Freely fly around the world. (Airship)
  • Receive a special power. (Artifact)
  • Unlock the mysteries of the world. (Key of Time)
Everything you do determines which of over 70 endings you will get.
This is the truly the perfect definition of an open-world adventure... an Artifact Adventure!


Choose from 6 different classes and form a 4 character party for your adventure!

Considered the cornerstone of any team, the warrior has high HP and Defense, and is able to wear heavy armor. Their stats make them perfect for new players.

Skilled with a bow and armed with extensive medical knowledge, the hermit is also the fastest class among the six classes available.

Possessing more intelligence and MP than any other class, the Shaman makes for a powerful magical ally. They're also capable of casting unusual spells with their staves.

Skilled in the martial arts, the Monk is a perfect choice for dealing quick damage to enemies. They also have a chance of attacking twice in a single turn when fighting bare-fisted.

Able to fight using their dreams and equip any armor in the game, the Dreamer is capable of doing everything...and nothing.

Blessed with both strong attacks and high intelligence, the Explorer is a hybrid class known for wielding a very special gun. b4d347fde0

Title: Artifact Adventure
Genre: Indie, RPG
Artifact Adventure Series, PLAYISM
Release Date: 19 May, 2015


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This is a "8 bit" JRPG if you recall the days of NES rpg games such as Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior in the US) Final Fantasy, Ultima etc etc this game pay homage to those games. The Game it's self is a RPG with Turn based battles, 8 bit graphics open story (sevral endings) open decisions etc etc. I loved the 8 bit JRPG's on my nes and this game will bring you back to the good old days.. Bored me to tears. Interesting concept but not my style. Got a refund. This game is not worth $7.79. There's no way to configure the sound settings (and the game is strangely loud), the dialogue is underwhelming at best, and after playing for roughly 20 minutes I came across several instances of bizzare design choices and perspective issues.

It's cool that it's an indie game and all, but I didn't enjoy it, and I would not recommend buying it.. Feels pretty much exactly how a classic rpg feels, with all the good and bad that comes with that. You'll learn a lot by messing up. Graphics are pretty nostalgic, and the music's not bad. Absolutely worth the price.

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Today we have set Artifact Adventure on sale for 50% off!

The horribly toxic Swamp King has risen once again! Gather your party and set out on an open world, retro-styled, RPG adventure. Powerful mystical artifacts are scattered about the world, each able to grant you new powers. Which will you choose? What is your destiny?

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Playism. Artifact Adventure Gaiden Coming Soon Page Now Available:
Hi everyone,

Today we opened the Coming Soon page for the Game Boy-like retro JRPG Artifact Adventure Gaiden by bluffman. The game's release is currently scheduled for January 9th (JST).

A spinoff of the original Artifact Adventure, this JRPG retains the 2D open world-like free scenarios and freedom of choice that made the original so popular.

In preparation for a terrible disaster set to befall the world three years in the future, as the player, you must make a variety of decisions along your journey. These choices may prove extremely helpful down the road.

Instead of a command-selection RPG format, this title features a 2D action-RPG feel which dramatically changes the way you play.
Find as many artifacts as possible and enhance your character to the max.

We hope fans of the original title will add this to their Wishlists and look forward to the official release.

And of course, those who haven't played the original can jump right in as well!. # Battle with artifacts:
Let's move on to battle using artifacts.
Artifacts must be pre-equipped, and "Active Artifacts" can be activated using the "M", "," and "." keys.
Except for certain items, "Passive Artifacts" provide permanent effects.

No two artifacts are exactly alike, and it would be impossible to explain the effects of all of them.
So here we'll just explain about equippable artifacts.

First off is artifacts for attacking.
The hordes of fiends appearing in the dungeons are, to a certain extent, fixed.
As long as you don't touch a whirlpool, they're generally similar.

As for the fiends composing these hordes, if they're mostly on the ground, then select a ground-based artifact.
If they're mostly in the air, then select an air-based artifact.

If you find there are some fiends you don't like or which are hard to approach in the horde, then you can select wide-range attack artifacts, or artifacts that will allow you to attack a fiend from a distance.

Not only based on fiend hordes, if you personally prefer close-range combat, then select an artifact good for close-range combat, or an artifact that gives you an "aura".

Auras have elements of both active artifacts and passive artifacts.

With auras, on top of gaining skill boosts, making them active will make those
skills improve even further for a set amount of time.

These artifacts providing auras will prove useful in protecting yourself.
Activate auras at the right time to easily avoid danger.

There are also fiend-weaking artifacts, artifacts activated after fulfilling certain conditions, artifacts which summon a powerful force, artifacts which take full advantage of tools...
Yeah, there really are all sorts of artifacts in the game world.

Select them based on your enemies, or on yourself.
Which artifact you use is up to you.
Start off by finding the artifacts you like. Artifact Adventure in this week's sales!:
Artifact Adventure is 50% off in Steam's Weekly Sales! Explore the huge open world in this retro-styled RPG. Every direction and choice you make can lead you down a different adventure, quest or story. So explore thoroughly!

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We are looking forward to connecting with all of you and the world of Indie Games!

The Playism Selection

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Playism Curation Group

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