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Application of Cable Gland from China

Application of Cable Gland from China

HONT is the leading cable gland manufacturer in China. The cable gland we produce is to make the wiring system smooth. And it will also make the cables kept sealed.

At the same time, the insulation level of connecting part of cables will be guaranteed by our cable gland made by HONT, the cable gland manufacturer. It will make sure the whole system operate safely and securely.

There is some problem with the sealing. They will result in oil leaking. And it may get the drying up of oil paper. Besides, the moist air will intrude into the inside of the cables. This may lead to the declining of the insulation performance.

Water proof cable gland of HONT, the cable gland manufacturer is the safe supporting product of cables. It is widely applied in fastening wires and cables. It is widely applied in the power distribution boxes, electrical power distribution cabinets.

And the switchboards, common mechanical controlling boxes, mechanical lamps, machines, electrical and electric apparatuses will also use cable gland.

It is commonly seen in electrical power factories, telecommunication network. It is because that cable glands can effectively clamp the cables tightly. And it is good at reaching the goal of water resisting.

When we are going to install it, just lock the cable tightly with the connector. And the other end can be joined to the equipment box. Or you can choose inner screw thread according to the screw thread of the input and output devices.Read More

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