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Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop Download Bittorrent

Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop Download Bittorrent

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About This Game

Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop extends Alien Swarm, bringing more of everything: maps, aliens, game modes, guns... And most importantly Steam Workshop support.

  • Tactical co-op for up to 8 players with a top-down perspective
  • Steam Workshop support for community maps and challenges
  • New co-operative campaigns
  • Challenges: Modifications of the game, just like Mutations in Left 4 Dead 2
  • PvP: Deathmatch, Gun Game, Instagib, and Team Deathmatch
  • Singleplayer: Play with improved bots on all our official maps
  • New Aliens: HL2 antlion guards and more
  • New Weapons: Desert Eagle, Devastator, and Combat Rifle, with more to come
  • Over 100 Steam achievements
  • Leaderboards: compete with your friends for the fastest mission completion
  • Improved spectating: see hacking minigames and mouse movements in real time

Title: Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop
Genre: Action, Free to Play
Reactive Drop Team
Reactive Drop Team
Release Date: 20 Apr, 2017


  • OS: Windows® XP or above
  • Processor: Pentium 4 3.0GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible video card with 128 MB, Shader model 2.0. ATI X800, NVidia 6600 or better
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 4 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

English,French,Italian,German,Czech,Danish,Dutch,Finnish,Hungarian,Japanese,Korean,Norwegian,Polish,Portuguese,Romanian,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Swedish,Thai,Traditional Chinese,Turkish,Ukrainian,Vi

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Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop Update - June 26, 2018:

This update brings support for rich presence in both Steam and Discord.

If you participate in Steam Beta you will now see more information in your Friend List window. What map is your friend playing, difficulty, number of slots taken and number of maximum slots available on server, as well as the active Challenge name.

Discord users will see similar information.

Also in Discord players are able to post invites in chats to invite players to join their lobby. As well as using the "Ask to Join" button when clicking on player's nickname.

Feel free to join our Discord community[] to chat and invite people to play with you.

If you are working on a map you may want to check out the community Source Engine Discord server[] to gather feedback, share screenshots or invite for playtests. Feel free to share your favorite Discord servers in comments section.

Another major change is we've fixed a bug reported by NoName which was causing game difficulty to become lower after a mission restart. Now mission restart will not lower difficulty. 8-player games on Brutal will become harder. 4-player games are slightly affected too. As this issue was present since Alien Swarm's release we want to hear your feedback to decide whether we keep the change or revert it to how it was before. Please use this discussion to leave your feedback on this issue or create a new discussion if necessary.

Changelog. Tarnor and Lana's Escape Campaigns:
Hello everyone!

We want to let everyone know that Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop will include significantly improved versions of Tears for Tarnor and Lana's Escape campaigns as official campaigns.

These are the two of the best user created campaigns for Alien Swarm. The original authors worked really hard to improve and balance maps since the last public release. We are working on adding single-player support for these campaigns.

Below are some screenshots which can also be seen on our store page:

. Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop Update - November 10, 2018:

An update to Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Steam. The major changes include:
  • Added Vietnamese translation for game UI by Nguyễn Tuấn Long
  • Added ability for each map to have its own background image for the loading screen.
  • Fixed white screen crash
  • Added new ConVars, VScript function, bug fixes

Changelog. Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop Update - March 30, 2018:

This update addresses issues with HiDPI displays and display scaling, bots and adds a new cvar for use in add-ons.

Changelog. Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop Update Released:

This update addresses networking issues when hosting 8 slot lobby. Adds tutorial TRAINING and GUI to turn off the death camera rotation. Orion's Threat achievements.

  • Double the bandwidth from listen server to clients for an 8 slot game. When hosting an 8 slot game sv_maxrate will automatically be set to 60000. rd_adjust_sv_maxrate cvar may be used to turn this feature off. sv_maxrate is not modified on dedicated servers.
  • Added UI for changing client's network bandwidth limit. Options - Game Settings. 512 kbps is recommended for playing on 8 player servers. This is the bandwidth that online game servers send to you during gameplay. Lower bandwidth rate setting can help avoid packet loss if your internet service provider or routers drop network packets. Insufficient bandwidth rate however can result in delayed network packets, resulting in ping increase and game entities warping in your view.
Note: It is highly recommended that dedicated servers which host 8 slots put sv_maxrate to at least 60000.

Training Tutorial
Added main menu TRAINING item. Clicking this will load a tutorial map. Use this to learn the basics of the game.

Stats and Achievements
  • Added Orion's Threat and Bonus Missions stats.
  • Added achievements for Orion's Threat campaign

Death Camera
  • Added Death Camera UI into Game Settings window. Players can turn the cinematic camera rotation off. Leaving only the slowdown

  • Fix bots unable to use Medical Amplifier Gun to heal
  • Removed proxy from 50calmg.vmt
  • Fixed visual artifacts in Video Options window
  • Renamed Options - Multiplayer into Game Settings
  • Corrected main menu navigation using keyboard keys or controller
  • Fixed rd-tft2abandonedmaintenance.bsp didn't have string dictionaries
. Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop Source Code is Now Available!:
We are happy to announce that today we are releasing the source code for Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop!

Having access to the source code you can:
  • Add new weapons, NPCs, fix bugs and generally add new features to the game and submit them as pull requests
  • Create mods. Both server side and client side mods. Or fully standalone mods
Download it from Bitbucket[]. Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop Update - March 14, 2018:

This is mostly a bugfix update. Most notably it fixes an issue with aliens and bot marines attacking the scanner on Hostile Places mission(see picture above), Level One challenge and leaderboards for Bonus Missions.

List of our know issues and feature requests is available here[]

Change log
  • Fix rd_hp_regen affecting incapacitated marines
  • Fix Bonus Mission 4 and 5 leaderboards are not being populated
  • Reset Bonus Mission 1 leaderboard
  • Add Change Mission button in Singleplayer lobby
  • Fix Steam Overlay issue in lobby. Fixes an issue where if the Steam Overlay is disabled, clicking on any player name and choosing to open his/her profile wouldn't open a window. Fixes getting stuck if trying to open the window when the chat HUD is active.
  • Fix "-rd_max_depth_texture_shadows 8" startup argument not working as expected. "-rd_max_depth_texture_shadows 8" startup argument can now be used to increase the number of high quality shadows drawn on screen at the same time. Useful when rd_flashlightshadows 1
  • Update rd_infinite_ammo. It no longer affects the medguns or fire extinguisher. Use "rd_medgun_infinite_ammo" and "rd_fire_extinguisher_infinite" respectively.
  • Fix weapon insta-reload if dropped. Fixes an issue where if a marine begins reloading a weapon and then drops it, upon picking the weapon back up it will instantly finish reloading.
  • Fix rd_weapons_extra_class_unrestricted working incorrectly
  • Add new VScript functions
    • CBaseEntity
      • StopSound( string soundName ) //Stop sound from entity
    • Global
      • AddThinkToEnt( handle entity, string funcName ) //Adds a late bound think function to the C++ think tables for the obj
      • GetListenServerHost() //Get the host player on a listen server
      • IsDedicatedServer() //Returns true if this is a dedicated server
  • Fix asw_spawn_buzzer description typo
  • Fix asw_buzzer alien_selection.txt KeyValues. Flammable, teslable and other keys now properly work for asw_buzzer definition
  • Fix m_iMaxHealth not set for some aliens. The aliens affected are; asw_harvester, asw_mortarbug, asw_parasite and asw_shieldbug.
  • Add Cvars to set aliens' default health. Added "rd_harvester_health". Added "rd_parasite_defanged_health". Added "rd_parasite_health". Added "rd_shieldbug_health"
  • Fix Level One challenge allows picking any extra item
  • Fix npcs attacking npc_cscanner. NPCs will no longer attack the npc_cscanner on rd-par2hostile_places.
  • Make rd_max_marines non cheat var. It is now possible to host dedicated server with e.g. 4 playable slots and other slots being spectators.
  • Fix cl_selectm can be used to select more than rd_max_marines allows. Players could use cl_selectm console command to select more marines than the current challenge allows. E.g. cl_selectm 0 5 will select Sarge for 5th slot. This didn't work if slot was specified as -1
  • Print a message in chat if rd_max_marines limit is reached. When player tries to select a marine when rd_max_marines is enabled and there are no free slots left a message will be printed in chat saying why player can't select a marine.
  • Add rd_extinguisher_dmg_amount Cvar. If set higher than zero extinguisher projectiles will cause damage to aliens or marines.
  • Fix asw_stim_time_scale. It can now be set above 0.35 without breaking slomo_breath.wav.
  • Fix swarmopedia's materials for boomer and parasite. Previously they were giving red errors in console when Swarmopedia was opened
. Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop Update Released:

This update includes Swarmopedia, bug fixes and small improvements. Restart Steam to apply.

  • Removed 'bolt-action' from Sniper Rifle description
  • Added client.dll to consistency check
  • Fixed player's level isn't visible(is cut) in translated languages during briefing
  • Fixed in-game main menu is cut in translated languages
  • Fixed crash in Level One challenge weapon selection. If More Starting Equipment add-on was installed on client and server doesn't have it client could crash a server by picking a weapon from the add-on weapons.
  • Added a chat message when marine is reserved in lobby. Display a yellow message in text when player can't select a marine in lobby due to marine reservation.
  • Prevented aliens spawning near marines in Operation CleanSweep campaign. Some rangers and boomers appeared in front of marines from air.
  • Adjusted drone spawners at rd-ocs1storagefacility
  • Added rd_techreq and rd_hackall cvars. If rd_techreq is 0 tech will be not required to start
    a mission. Mission will not restart if tech dies. 1 is default. If rd_hackall is 1 all marines can hack doors and computers
  • Fixed title text is cut in Friend Games window. For languages other than English the title text was cut. Also enlarged the same title for Found Public Games window
  • Adjusted main menu items width
  • Fixed rd_cam_marine_yaw_desired
  • Fixed asw_hide_local_marine
  • Added Swarmopedia
  • Added an info message when clicking No Steam menu item. Many players face the No Steam problem. When clicking this menu item we now display a window telling the most common solutions to this problem.
  • Increased net_splitpacket_maxrate to 40000 by default. Only if rd_adjust_sv_maxrate 1. We set it to 40k to combat stutter in player movement when there are a lot of aliens.
  • Don't show language selection in audio settings. Because it cannot hold all of our supported languages, audio language can be choosen in game's properties window in Steam. This is similar to how it works in L4D2
  • Moved main menu items 40 px higher
  • Fixed spelling errors in closecaption_english.txt.
  • Updated Ukrainian and Russian translations
  • Increased width of the title in Create Game window
  • Corrected Workshop Download Progress position. Workshop Download Progress was overlapping with Mission Details button in the briefing screen preventing clicking on this button. Now it is raised higher.
  • Added displaying challenge name in the F9(playerlist) window
  • Fixed remote code execution exploit.
  • Fixed Difficulty Tier 2 challenge Easy is easier than Difficulty Tier 1 Brutal
  • Added immolate_hover_no_ground_fire particle effect.
  • Improved area9800LZ. Change immolate_hover particle to no ground. Add game instructor hints. Prevent aliens from spawning on top of marines' heads.
  • Renamed RES files, remove "_rd" suffix.
  • Updated all translations and closed captions

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