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Alien Breed 3: Descent Free Download Crack Serial Key Keygen

Alien Breed 3: Descent Free Download Crack Serial Key Keygen

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About This Game

Alien Breed™ 3: Descent is the final explosive chapter in the Alien Breed™ series, and is a science fiction arcade-shooter with an epic story, swarms of highly intelligent alien enemies, high-impact weapons and stunning environments, developed using Epic Games' Unreal® Engine 3. Descend into hell and once again take control of the hero, Conrad, the ship’s Chief Engineer, in his last stand against the savage alien horde. While the doomed vessel, the Leopold, and the alien space craft plunge deeper into the planet’s atmosphere, with an icy ocean promising a watery grave, you have just hours to defy a grisly death and survive the alien onslaught for the final time. As you struggle deeper into the sinking alien ship, through the freezing waters flooding every corridor, the horrifying truth surrounding the existence of the Breed is finally uncovered… In addition to the thrilling conclusion to the single-player campaign and the relentless and competitive “Survivor” modes, the game offers action-packed, two-player online co-operative battle modes.

Key Features

  • Alien Breed™ 3: Descent - The stunning final chapter in the Alien Breed™ trilogy - an action-packed mix of arcade-shooter, survival-horror and tactical weapons upgrades and customisation.
  • The final descent into hell!
    • NEW - Set pieces – battle the breed through flooded levels and hull walk sections.
    • NEW – Third-person action - take control of the hero, Conrad, in the new action-packed, third-person, sections.
    • NEW – Fight the last stand armed with powerful new weaponry:
      • The Project X is a ‘BFG’ that vaporizes everything it comes into contact with.
      • The Electro-Link gun fires bolts of electricity and also sends chain lightning to damage nearby enemies.
    • NEW – Survive new alien enemies – the ‘Electro-shocker’ and dramatic encounters with the final horrifying bosses.
  • Epic single-player Story mode – The final chapter in the single-player campaign mode that concludes the thrilling narrative of the game through huge and challenging environments, including the new research lab level.
  • Single-player Survivor mode – Resist endless waves of intense alien horde attacks in specifically designed arena environments.
  • Single-player Free-play mode – A single-player challenge mode – beat your high score on a previously completed campaign mission.
  • Two-player Co-operative play mode – Work together to defeat the alien horde across three specially customised assault maps for two players online.
  • Two-player Co-operative Survivor mode – Join forces online and try to survive three specifically designed arena environments. Get competitive and challenge others online to beat your survivor abilities on the extensive Leader-boards.
  • Additional Online features – Quick Match/Create Game/Friends Lists/Voice Chat/Leader-boards/Steam Achievements/Co-operative Achievements.
  • Upgrades shop – Search fallen comrades and lockers to accumulate cash, and then tactically spend it on weapons/kit upgrades in the in-game shop.
  • Playable demo/trial – A purpose-designed, action-packed free sample section of Alien Breed™ 3: Descent, called ‘The Prologue’, which also features a time-limited Survivor mode map.

Title: Alien Breed 3: Descent
Genre: Action
Team17 Digital Ltd
Team17 Digital Ltd
Release Date: 17 Nov, 2010


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Great game! Even after 8 years it looks really good. I had a good time playing all 3 sequals. If you ask me this game has full controller support and not partial or controller enabled as mentioned in the store. I played it with a xbox controller from my sofa on a big♥♥♥♥♥TV (Big Picture). scary game with the creepy aliens rrrrrr.. Repetitive, no real new elements apart water everywhere, Alien Breed 3: Descent doesn't manage to get as good as the others, as you're always seeing the same rooms over and over. But the end of the first chapter, the fact that you find Vance and Barnes, how to say it,... or Klein's body make the story good.

In other words, Descent is concluding the trilogy, still in the same ship as the previous game but with a reason for you to fight. Your friend MIA is prisoner. People around you are dead. No one is surviving apart you.

This game is very very similar to the two previous ones, so, well, I'll copy\/paste parts of them.

The solo campaign is about the main character but you can play three co-op missions as Vance and Barnes with a friend.

The game is seen in 3D isometric, meaning that you have a little time to adapt to the command and the view when you're used to 3rd person or 1st person game.

I've enjoyed this game but less than the others: the plot turned out to be very sad because his only friend is prisonner and Theo knows that if he wants to stop this madness, some sacrifices have to be made. However, given the fact that no novelty is there, apart another new weapon, this game is on the verge to be a boring one.

You still have the PDA - with finding those of the crew ship, without forgetting the maps and the terminals that are shops and save points.

The HUD is orange, like the title in the header. So, everything (texts on the screen) will be orange too. The game is also told with cutscenes drawed as comics. And well, orange is also the main color. Impact had blue, Assault had green, Descent will have orange, kinda indicating that we're going down into the fire.

Alien Breed: Descent is still a nice game. Don't worry, it will conclude perfectly the trilogy. That was a nice ride, don't hesitate.. To be honest, I thought the game was cheesy. Your guy just runs around with the same dumb frown on his face lol and the first boss. It keeps focusing on him and hes just like.... }:( hahaha for under five bucks, ya go kill some aliens. But elite is pretty difficult so try med or easy .. Best of the seires.

I have already reviewed the secound game in the series, and the games are very simelar, but I will still say what this game did, that made it my favorite of the three.

It`s still a run and gun game, with a overhead view, and it still tryes to be scary but fails.

It would be better if you read my Alien Breed: Assult review becosue I will not go into that much detail in this one, since the games are that simelar.

Well this is when the game ends, and what an ending!

The game picks up from the last, and we know that the ship have taken over the mind of MIA. This is the game with the most highlights and the most bosses. The good thing about the bosees, is that they all are enjoyable and are at times difficult.

This puts a new perspective on the game, since the other games in the series, did not had as many memerable moments as this. The game puts our main charecter through hell, and it really makes you tence to kill the last boss, which has a huge twist at the end. And the ending is really really good.

The weapons in this game are really awesome towards the end, and it only makes the feeling of blasting aliens even more satisfying.

This game get`s a thumps up, becouse I think the whole sereis has been enjoyable, and this ending, made all the games worth it. 5.2 out of 10. I’d be lying if I said that this review would be as negative as the other two games. Now, I may be suffering from Stockholm syndrome from continuously playing all three games in a row, but I find this game more enjoyable than the other two. I may actually even have to recommend it ;__;

The opening did not give us much to go off on—a monotonous comic strip will NOT capture the audience’s attention, especially when you’re trying to explain what has happened from Alien Breed 2. That’s my only real issue with the beginning. It seems that Team 17 did try to make a difference with their game. They did stick to the run-to-here-and-back game mechanic through the entirety of the game, but they threw in many more dynamic scenes and gameplay experience as far as ways in which you shoot aliens. Now that they’re raising Klein as your main antagonist, I find it a lot more enjoyable, especially when listening to his stereotypical German accent. <3

Very ‘OK’ boss battles. I actually kind of enjoyed fighting the aliens, especially in the water scenes (which I can also appreciate). They also brought in a new type of alien that while I like, I also dislike. I feel that the Electro-shocker is a bit overpowered, and would have worked better if it could not actively fight on land, since that was what I assumed from the first few that I had encountered. It would have made more sense, because the game shows that electricity will hurt you if it’s spread above water.

And ooooh my god, the comic scene for the last chapter is so lovely. SO LOVELY. It’s just so sick and cruel and yet I can’t help but love Klein even more for being such an evil lunatic. I just LOVE it, even though I know I wouldn’t really enjoy his company in real life. I did not enjoy the ending.

Team 17 made this trilogy with the interests of making money only, after seeing interest in their Worms series starting to dwindle. They made and released all three of these games in the same year. A LOT of content was reused in the first two games, but I also see a lot more introduced into this final game. I’m not sure what got them to put in more effort into this last one, but I can say that it is OK. Not BAD, per say, but OK.

I’m not sure why this game got as much bad rep as the other two games, but I’d still say get this game when it’s discounted at least 75%, but if you were going to pick any of the three, play this one first.. This game tries to be a bit twin stick shooter and a bit survival horror with a bit of plot thrown in.

It's♥♥♥♥♥♥ . very repetitive missions, a lot will have you backtracking to open doors and activating power sources. The aliens are same old through the missions and there is little diversity between the sifferent types. 4\/10 is my score..

Buy on a massive discount. I felt that this game was a bit rushed to a conslusion. The format has been the same all the way through which i like and some new weaponry was added which is cool. Grpahics are great and gameplay was good. However, I did feel like the ending was a bit lousy and left me wanting. Good game nonetheless.. There is no legit reason this shouldn't be in your library.

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