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Worms Ultimate Mayhem Download Rar File

Worms Ultimate Mayhem Download Rar File

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About This Game

Worms™: Ultimate Mayhem is the definitive 3D "Worms™" game! Load your weapons and experience a whole new dimension in destructive turn-based cartoon action! Taking the game into 3D creates all-new strategic and gameplay possibilities. With over 70 single-player missions and challenges, online and local multi-player for up to 4 players, 5 multi-player modes, Steam Achievements, unprecedented customization of both worms and weapons, and fully destructible environments, it’s bursting with anarchic mayhem. Battle and puzzle your way through all of the missions from both "Worms™ 3D" and "Worms™ 4: Mayhem" - it’s essentially two games in one. With the addition of HD visuals, gameplay enhancements and new extra content, it is the ultimate 3D "Worms™" collection!

Key Features

  • A vast array of single-player content spanning the very best of the 3D "Worms™" games, ranging from shooting challenges to speed runs, whilst a collection of crazy missions, interspersed with newly fully voiced narrative FMV sequences, make up the single-player campaign. Additionally, a huge number of challenges ask the player to master the individual skills of the game (such as piloting a Jetpack or steering a Parachute) in order to complete tasks such as target shooting or collecting targets, all against the clock.
  • Full online play for up to 4 players over a wealth of game modes such as "Statue Defend", "Homelands" or just plain "Deathmatch", plus the ability to create your own custom game settings to play against your friends! Because of the turn-based nature of the game, it can be played multi-player offline on one screen.
  • Fight on the randomly generated landscapes, even save and share them, which allows for a huge amount of multi-player map options!
  • Play standard or ranked games in a bid to scale the Steam Leaderboards!
  • Players are able to name their teams, choose which hats they want their worms to wear, whether they wear glasses, have moustaches, what they say, which flag represents them, and even what gravestone they leave behind when they die.
  • Many of the classic Worms™ weapons are present and correct, with the Holy Hand Grenade, Bazooka, Dynamite, Banana Bomb, Baseball Bat, Super Sheep and many more in your arsenal of destruction.
  • There is also a sprinkling of even more crazy and surreal weapons too, such as Alien Abduction, Fatkins Strike, Flood, Inflatable Scouser, Old Woman, Starburst and Bovine Blitz with which to wage war on your enemies.
  • Players are also able to construct their own weapons from a wide selection of components. These weapons are added to the players’ arsenals and remain secret until deployed, giving opponents a nasty shock.
  • In-game voice-chat so you can cheer on team mates or indeed win the battle against opponents verbally!
  • Deform everything in real-time.
  • This tracks every action a player makes when attacking, whilst at the same time allowing the player to retreat and not miss a single moment of the glorious action.
  • New camera enhancements make it easier to follow the action; optimized AI means more intelligent enemies, and the addition of speech and lip-synching to the single-player missions makes for even more cinematic fun!
  • New visual improvements, with dynamic real time lighting and post process effects and shaders, make the mayhem look even more impressive.

Title: Worms Ultimate Mayhem
Genre: Strategy
Team17 Digital Ltd
Team17 Digital Ltd
Release Date: 28 Sep, 2011


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2008 году и с тех пор я досих пор в него играю , решил я её приобрести , из-за того что - это римейк Worms 4 Mayhem в которого я так сильно играл в 2012 годы по сети , в старом добром GameSpy и моя первая в которую я играл по сети ! ;). A throwback of the old PS2 game. If you loved that, then mayyyybe you might like this too. Just beware there's a lot of customization stuff locked cause you NEED the other worm games, but if you remember what you had on the PS2 version, I guess there's no problem.. i played this game when iwas a 11 years old kid
very nice game to play with your friends and very good story mode and multiplayer

. If the 3D branch of the Worms series didn't irk you, then you will find this really is the ultimate edition. It has the Worms 3D campaign as well as a new one, and tons of other new features. My Xbox One controller is working quite well, although the game didnt tell me what buttons did what. You do need a mouse or keyboard to skip the launcher.

It's definitely a charming game. I really think it could have benefitted from a little cel-shading but otherwise, it runs great, and the destructable environments make things very dynamic. Of course, most fans feel like the move to 3D made the game too unreliable to play and I tend to agree, but I'm still enjoying it. It's just a very different game. You'll find arching lobbed grenades way harder, but direct line of sight attacks are much easier to hit. And it also gives you an indicator for when melee attacks will make contact, so you won't goof them up.

Good game here. I'll keep returning to it, but it wont replace the 2D Worms experience. It's a supplement.. my childhood\uff01. So, I've heard a lot of things about the 3D Worms games, and almost none of them were positive. But this game looked fine, so I gave it a shot on my own terms. Yes, it's different, and it can be a bit buggy (though frankly Worms games in general get that sometimes; even good ol' Armageddon's had its share), and the camera is a bit of a pain, but this game is still really fun in its own right. Of course, I've also been using a controller and that might make a difference. I dunno.

To name a few things I like, well for one, your Worms teams can be personalized right down to having a custom-made weapon. I always enjoyed that sort of thing. The random map generator works well to keep deathmatches consistent but not monotonous, and the different types of scenery keep things interesting too, given that buildings and such provide cover in 3D. Game styles can be edited pretty well too, so creative souls can further liven things up and provide variety.

The single-player content is also fun to play through, and AI opponents have a few more tricks than just shooting Bazookas and Grenades at you. Though they're still dummies who literally can't climb to save their lives. Of course, the main thing you'd want is the chance to blow up your friends, and fortunately this game can provide local multiplayer on a single machine in proper Worms fashion.

Overall, a nice find. Can't be the judge about other 3D Worms titles, but I do recommend this one.

Worms Lunar New Year Sale:

Wormers!. Introducing Worms: Dating Revolution:

The Worms are no stranger to war, but the time has come for them to take to the toughest battlefield of all. The battlefield of love.. Worms W.M.D - Teamster Tales #3: Weapons!:

Welcome to another episode of Worms W.M.D - Teamster Tales!. Worms W.M.D Coming Soon Page!:

Whilst you’ve been busy waging war against Worm-kind we’ve been coming up with the next instalment of the classic series!

It’s the 21st anniversary of Worms, and Team17 is celebrating it by launching the best version of the game yet! Worms WMD has a new look and new features; delivered by an engine that recreates classic Worms physics and gameplay.

Check out the Store Page:. New Worms W.M.D Trailer & News!:

Worms W.M.D Trailer. Worms W.M.D Crafting Reveal!:

Welcome to a new way to play Worms!. Worms Ultimate Mayhem Update - 05/09/13:
An update to Worms Ultimate Mayhem has been released. The update will be applied automatically. This will update your game to version number #1077.

We’ve fixed the Time Attacked and Clock Watching achievements. If you've got an existing save, the old times will continue to be displayed in-game but the achievement will unlock if you beat the new times. The new times to beat to unlock the achievements are:
  • Sniper 2 - 3.00
  • Jetpack 2 - 5.30
  • Super Sheep 2 - 4.30
  • Shotgun 2 - 2.00
  • Accuracy 2 - 5.30
  • Navigation 2 - 1.20
  • Crate Collect 2 - 5.30
The achievements to unlock are:
  • Time Attacked - Beat all the times on the new challenges.
  • Clock Watching - Beat the times on all new challenges and the new Deathmatch challenge.

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