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What kind of symptoms do you need to see a doctor?

In the event that the door is pinched hard, first aid is not lost. ทางเข้าjoker123 And have the following symptoms Will be considered severe There is a chance of being removed from the nails. Or broken finger bones Therefore it is advisable to see a doctor would be better.

1. Swollen fingers or nails for more than 2-3 days.

2. Pressing for pain in the groin area

3. Bleeding under the nail in more than 50% of the nail area. Which may have to remove the nail to drain the congestion

4.Numbness in the fingers Or no feeling Inability to move fingers

5. Pus

6.The wound was open and the bone pierced was clearly visible.

7. Deformed fingers, which may be caused by broken bones. And may need surgical treatment

Swollen finger gates hurt, but can't the nails be removed?
In case of bleeding under the nail in more than 50% of the nail area. In most cases, your doctor will recommend removing your nails to drain the congested blood. However, if the patient does not want to have the nail removed, then he or she can take the blood under the nail. However, it is up to the discretion of the doctor doing the treatment.
If you need to remove your nails How should I take care?

How long does a new nail take to grow?
If the doctor needs to remove the nail Care after removing the nails must be careful not to expose them to water. And should wash the wound every day To prevent infection The new nails will grow within a few months.

However, if you notice that your nails are congested, you should not draw your own blood congestion. This is because there is a risk of infection with purulent fingers and pain and swelling in the fingers. It's also not recommended to wrap the cloth around the injured finger. Because the wound may be pressed Causing the bleeding to be inconvenient, causing pain and swelling even more And may be at risk of ischemic blood to feed the nails as well.

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