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What are the cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm?

What are the cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm?

Cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm are one of the most popular specifications on the market. They are favored by all walks of life. Its size is not too big nor too small. And it is easy to carry and use.Cable Ties 370mm x 4.8mm
1. Material:

This type of product is made of the raw material of Nylon 66. And the material has got the certificate of UL approve.

Nylon 66 does well in the resisting to the corrosion. And it is also anti-acid. Besides, this material is resistant to heat and cold. It has an excellent performance in the insulation.

The nylon 66 made products are anti-burning. The flame resisting grade is 94 V-2. They are very steady in all sides.
2. Specification:

If you have bought some cable ties before, you must know the specification of this product.

Cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm have the length of 370 mm. And the width of them is 4.8 mm.

Some inferior products may have shorter length or the thinner thickness to reduce the cost of the production.

But HONT cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm has two kinds of the specification. They are the standard size on the market and our new patented size.

The standard size has the length of the 370 mm. And the width of the standard of HONT is 4.8 mm. The patented cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm of HONT has the width of the 4.4 mm, but much thicker thickness than the standard.

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