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Webbing material which will be used?

Webbing material which will be used?

Yarn as raw material in a variety of narrow- web-like fabric or tubular fabric . With a wide variety of fabrics are widely used in clothing , shoes , bags, industrial, agricultural , military , transportation and other sectors . 1930s , ribbon are hand workshop production , raw materials for cotton , twine . After the founding of New China , the progressive development of materials used webbing nylon, polyvinyl alcohol , polyester, polypropylene, spandex , rayon , etc., forming weaving, braiding , knitting three categories of technology, fabric structure with plain, twill , satin , jacquard, double , multilayer , tubular and joint tissue .polyester Elastic Webbing
One , woven ( woven )
Interweave . And after twisting yarn warping made ​​cheese ( pan head ) , weft shake into cops , webbing on the loom . 1930s for wooden hand looms, iron wood loom webbing . In the early 1960s to 1511 converted into weaving machine loom and is still widely used. Due to the small width of the tape , weaving a different way, there are single , double bar , dozens of dollars, there is a single layer , there are also double .
In 1967 , the industry as the main body of workers with non- woven research team has successfully designed and manufactured its own high-speed single needle loom , shuttle not realize webbing and shorten the process , small footprint, improve labor productivity , is China Ribbon technology in the history of creation.
70 years, due to continuous dyeing ironing machine tape promotion , colored tape processing, first dyed woven by the traditional process , the development of the first weaving dyeing , weaving after the first bleaching , ironing continuous post-processing , weaving technology into the mechanization large-scale production ranks. The early 1980s , the industry introduced Switzerland, Italy, Federal Republic of Germany with a high-speed shuttleless machines, ironing joint machine, wrapped wire machine , warping machine , weaving technology into a new stage of development.

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