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Ways To Embellish Garments Using Mirror

Ways To Embellish Garments Using Mirror

There are so many ways out there through which people like to embellish their dresses but when it comes to sew something traditional or to represent something in the Asian way then people like to add mirrors in the dresses. You can also see the small mirrors in the neckline of the dress to give the fabric elegant and enhanced look.

If you have the best entry-level sewing machine in your sewing area then you can attach the mirrors to any of the dress or scarf anytime. You can visit for more information about the sewing machine and advance info. Today we are discussing several ways to embellish the dress with mirrors.

Star Stitch:

If you want to embellish your dress with the mirror then there are several ways but if you want that mirror to look different then go for the star stitch look. This star stitch look is one of the most amazing and unique looks you can go for. You can attach the small rounded mirrors on the dress by hand if you want to adopt the star stitch style.

Mirror work is used to embellish and decorate a variety of items

I prefer to use the thread as same as the color of the dress so the mirrors must look like the part of the dress. You have to use the thread above the mirror to secure it with the fabric as well as to design the star over it. Keep stitching the loop on the mirror until you have 7 sides. It depends on whether you want a small star or a big star?

Satin Stitches:

This is not necessary that you just have to attach the mirror in the form of simplest stitches. You can always bring the creativity in your work and let the people wonder. You must have seen the bedsheets or shawls where the satin stitch mirror work has been done. If you want to use this method then you are allowed to use multiple colors to give funky look to the dress.

You can use different colors as well as the satin thread which should be of high-quality. Start securing the mirror with the thread from every corner. You can also use different shapes of the mirror to attach it to the dress or anything you are working on. You can use a triangle as well as anchor style mirror which is going to provide an amazing look to the project.

Chain Stitch:

Another method through which you can attach the small mirror to the dress or fabric is to use the chain stitch way. This stitch is the design in its own way and you are definitely going to enjoy the look. First, you have to do the one layer of chain stitch around the mirror then another layer of chain stitch above it. Keep doing this until the mirror is completely secured in the fabric.

If you are using a plastic mirror then this is the most common and proven method. This method is just not going to provide strength to the mirror for a long time but it will also help you in creating the design out of the simple attachment. Keep your machine in the best condition for the good results or read Top Picks Of The Best Starter Sewing Machine For Beginners Basic Se... for the amazing guide.


If you don’t want to spend much time on the sewing then you can also go for the glue way. In the earlier days, people who belong to the royal families used to sew diamonds in their fabric but normal people liked to embellish dresses with the mirror. They used to stick the mirrors with the glue on the fabric to keep it secure.

Now you can use the fabric glue on the dress to avoid any kind of blobs later and to save the fabric from any kind of damage. You can first stick the small mirror to the dress and then stitch the small beads around it to give it the shape of the frame. This method is suitable for the clothes which you are not planning to wash frequently and can be handled with care.

Square Stitch:

This method can be applied on the small circle mirrors to give them another look. In some of the cases, you need to change the corners of the mirror if you don’t want to keep it simple. You can use several mirrors on the fabric at a time and can use the stitches around the mirror to design the frame. As compared to the star stitch you don’t have to start overlapping the mirror.

This method needs to be done with focus and to secure the mirror completely into the fabric. You just have to work in a square shape and keep doing it until the mirror has a square shape. You can use the embellished thread as well to give a look to the mirror.

Tying Mirror:

Tie from the back and start stitching the mirror in the round form

This is quite a time consuming as well as a worthy method to try when it comes to attaching the mirror on the fabric. You just have to tie it from the back and start stitching the mirror in the round form. It should look like that the mirror is surrounded by a thread in the rounded form loop to loop. The thread must look like a modern and attractive border.

You can use the beads as well but again if you are attaching beads on the mirror then you need to wash and handle the fabric with care. If you will wash the fabric in the washing machine then mirror and borders will be ruined.


This is going to be a fun project for you because you will love every inch of it and you can re-decorate the old t-shirts as well. You can find the best sewing machine for yourself, just read   How To Find The Best First Sewing Machine And Easy Sewing Machine F... and get the relevant information about the machines. I hope you are going to nail the mirror project soon.

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