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Trains Of The Orient Full Crack [crack]

Trains Of The Orient Full Crack [crack]

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About This Game

Beijing, 1955. Not so long ago you were just an ordinary bureaucrat in the Ministry of Communications, but recently your career has gone uphill, and now the party leadership assigns you an important task: head the Ministry of Railways, a newly formed institution, and modernize the Chinese railway network!
The country is still recovering from the harsh events of the past decade, and it is in dire need of well-developed transport infrastructure. The area entrusted to you initially is small, but you get unprecedented carte blanche for its expansion and development. You can - no, more precisely, you must - organize the construction of railways between the cities and towns, and eventually connect the whole of China, and then the neighbouring countries as well, with a network of reliable and modern railways!

In general, the process is quite simple. Select a city, then choose a destination and start building. When the railway is built, buy trains and let them on the route. Watch for the popularity changes of railway services among the people, regulate ticket prices, and most importantly - don't forget to pay attention to technological innovations. You start with steam and diesel locomotives, but the time will come when ultra-high-speed trains will appear instead! , the possibility of creating them is only being discussed by theorists!

Key features:

  • Long game duration - from the mid-1950s to the present time;
  • Detailed railway network of China and neighboгring countries of East Asia;
  • A large number of real historic train models with different characteristics;
  • Investments and megaprojects: invest enormous sums of money to get no less impressive positive effects.

Title: Trains of the Orient
Genre: Indie, Strategy
Release Date: 28 Sep, 2018

English,Russian,German,Simplified Chinese

I'm glad I got this game at 50% off. Because, honestly, this game is the quality of a free-to-play mobile game.

It is an interesting concept, and as a fan of OpenTTD, I thought this sort of game would be fun. But you get to see very little action in this game, and what's more, it gets glitchy when your rail network is big.. 1. no tutorials
2. sometimes the game doesn't allow me to take a train on the line without any reason. it looks cool on the pictures, but gameplay is terrible ;\/
Nothing is described, nothing is explained, there are no goals. A lot of bugs.
Even my antivirus has specifically scanned the entire game (just as I create an exe file after compiling a simple program)

This game looks like a very nice school project.<\/u> But this is not enough to publish it as a full version.
but good luck in the future :)

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