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Train Simulator: Feather River Canyon Route Add-On Pack

Train Simulator: Feather River Canyon Route Add-On Pack

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Western Pacific’s Feather River Canyon route is one of the mo 5d3b920ae0

Title: Train Simulator: Feather River Canyon Route Add-On
Genre: Simulation
Dovetail Games
Dovetail Games - Trains
Train Simulator


  • OS:Windows® Vista / 7 / 8
  • Processor:Processor: 2.8 GHz Core 2 Duo (3.2 GHz Core 2 Duo recommended), AMD Athlon MP (multi


train simulator feather river canyon route add-on

Firstly, this a beautiful route, fabulous scenery and very nicely done throughout. The U boat locos are fine, the horn is a bit weak, but the physics are fine. The FP loco included ain't so good, it's a bit dated to be honest, it runs well enough, but the horn and engine sounds are rubbish. You can turn on the cab light, but it makes no diff to the illumination in the cab, it's pointless. There is only one scenario for the FP loco and it is set in fog and snow, there should be more. In regards the U boat scenarios, there seem to be a few bugs with the AI, that make at least two of the scenarios unable to be finished, a real drag. Keep in mind that the entire route is set to an average of 25 mph, so there ain't much excitement apart from trying to keep it as close as you can to the speed limit, on a line of this length it can become tedious, but it is what it is. Then there are 8 of the useless railfan scenarios that require no skill at all and are a total waste of time. So a bit of a mix up, a few good scenarios a couple that don't work and a poorly done FP loco. Yet in spite of its failings, it's a nice route for a long leisurely quick drive. It's worth getting at the sale price, but due to its failings I'd have been well ticked off at the full price.. The best route I've seen from Dovetail. I love everything exept the fact that the Southern Pacific part of the route isn't there and that the old route isn't there. Would love to see the Old Route in the Map. Also, why isn't there a Free Roam Scenario? I give this route a 8/10; Positive - Amazing Details. (+0.5) - Lovely Loco's and Rolling Stock. (+1) - Big map. (+1) - 3D Train tracks .(+2) - Custom assets. (+1) - New Loco's. (+2.5 - Not a electric route. (+1) - New rail-road company; Western Pacific. (+0.5) - Very good Scenario's. (+0.5) Negative - Old Route not included. (-0.5) - Not engough Loco's and Rolling Stock. (-0.5) *Where are the Passenger Locomotives and Rolling Stock? - No Free-Roam Scenario's. (-0.5) - No Scenario's with atleast one Steam-Locomotive included. (-0.5) Total: 10-2= 8/10. As a real Railroad Engineer, I must say this route has instantly won favour with me. Dovetail Games have raised the bar and the realism in operating a real locomotive is very high. This is amazing and if you want some nice scenery with good freight operations this is it. If you are a pure passenger buff this probably won't interest you. But most railroad fans are not just into passenger trains. The quality of this route is lovely. I would give it 9.8/10.. This is one of the better U.S. routes. I like the atmosphere and included rolling stock. They've done a good job on this. If you look around you will occasionally find something like a tree in the air, but overall it's a very good route and very scenic to drive. I like the weather conditions they included and little things like the independent wiper action in the U30C when it's storming outside. (turn the wipers on individually with the wiper controls along the cab ceiling.. Very impressive route that DTG ever made! The locos are great and very well placed scenery everywhere especially it being a mountian rotue.. I have to say this is one of the best routes i ever played the loco sounds are very realistic.. This is the most relaxing route. Recommended.. I was born and raised In quincy and i used to travel the Feather river canyon with a family member who worked for Union pacific so i have seen the greenville wye and i have seen this route during all 4 seasons I love this route when i saw this route was coming to Train simulator i was exstatic and it brought back so many memories for me as a child. What can I say the others have already said it. This is just superb.

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