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Tomb Raider: Legend Download Windows 8.1

Tomb Raider: Legend Download Windows 8.1

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About This Game

Follow Lara Croft down a path of discovery as she travels the globe to remote, exotic locales in search of one of history's greatest artifacts that unleashes unwelcome figures from Lara's mysterious past. With guns blazing, Lara must use her athletic ability and intellectual wits to explore vast, treacherous tombs, riddled with challenging puzzles and deadly traps. Experience an adrenaline-fueled adventure in Tomb Raider: Legend!

  • Travel the globe as Lara Croft, the critically-acclaimed dual-pistol wielding heroine, of the classic Tomb Raider series.
  • Discover tombs and explore living breathing, lost ancient realms which hold clues to the secrets of Lara's past.
  • Physics, water, and fire systems bring perilous environments of Lara's world alive, creating new deadly challenges and obstacles.
  • Intuitive and fluid control system allows for seamless handling of any obstacle and interaction with dynamic surfaces.
  • Utilize an arsenal of new weapons, communication devices, a grappling hook, and other tools, to achieve your goals.
  • Explore ancient tombs, treacherous jungles, snowy mountain ranges, and more!

Title: Tomb Raider: Legend
Genre: Action, Adventure
Crystal Dynamics
Square Enix
Release Date: 7 Apr, 2006


Has anyone already fixed the Next Gen Content crashes? they're sooo annoying.
By other means, it's an amazing game for noob gamers. Story is simple and characters are fun. I played it for the first time when I was like 12 and I can't say anything bad from it. Those struggling with bad reviews about it being a bad scripted movie, just remember it was a +12 game (at least in my country) and it was meant to be entertaining by old Tomb Raider lore to youngest gamers from the time.
Probably you'll find it ridicolously easy if you play it nowadays, but still entertaining. And some of the level design should be taken as reference for today's "childish games".
But the crashes \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 me up. Really. Update it or sth, guys. I really did enjoy this game all the way through, even with its painfully average dialogue and a lot of crashes.
The story was actually sort of interesting, and I can't wait to see it continue in Underworld.
I enjoyed the gameplay for what it was; you can do these weird out of place slow mo jumps on enemies while shooting them up, and there's a lot of cool QTE segments which I didn't really mind since they are extremely simple to pull off. Platforming and such is still great, but it doesn't come without its fair share of stupid deaths.
The motorcycle parts... I could do without but they are tolerable.
And then came the final boss - a very poorly designed boss. As soon as you hit that checkpoint, you're stuck fighting it with nothing but a clunky weapon while it combos you and you can do nothing about it. You can't even restart the level from the beginning unless you happened to have a save game before that point. I took around 2 hours to beat the boss alone.

During my playthrough I experienced several crashes, especially with the "Next Gen" option turned on in certain levels, so I was forced to turn it off during those levels. Other than that, it played perfectly fine.
Sure, the final boss is poorly designed, the puzzles are stupidly easy and it's more of a cheesy 90's film than Tomb Raider but I really enjoyed the game overall.
7\/10.. Tomb Raider: Legend \u2013 Review

Tomb Raider Legend is a massive return to form for the series, a series that has not seen a critical or commercially successful entry since 1999\u2019s The Last Revelation. Since that game seven years have passed, two unsuccessful games, one successful movie and one unsuccessful movie had left Lara and her Tomb Raider series feeling a product of the 90\u2019s, never to return. Also since the last game we have new developers in California based Crystal Dynamics. Core had been removed from all Tomb Raider games after the disappointment of Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness and now an American developer was taking on one of Britain\u2019s most iconic names.

In Tomb Raider: Legend, British archaeologist-adventurer Lara Croft returns. A key event in her back-story is a plane crash in Nepal in the Himalayas she survived with her mother Amelia. Publicly she was the only survivor of the crash, while her mother was apparently killed upon interacting with a magical artifact in a Nepalese temple where they took shelter. After her ordeal, Lara goes on archaeological expeditions with her father Richard before his disappearance and presumed death in Cambodia when she is sixteen. In the years since, she has become both famous and infamous for her work as an archaeologist and explorer, privately driven by the need to understand her mother's fate. Tomb Raider Legend is a full re-boot for the series. A new game engine and back story have been put together for the game in order to allow CD to put its own stamp on the series. Original Tomb Raider creator Toby Guard was invited to CD\u2019s offices in California to advise on the game, ensuring the new games stays true to the original series roots.

The funny thing about Tomb Raider: Legend is how much has changed, yet remained the same. CD made distinct changes to the game's every aspect, yet Legend is still very much a Tomb Raider action-adventure title. Lara no longer controls like a tank on ice, she moves around the environment with ease, she still can do all the things from previous games but this time everything feels free and easy. When shimmying across a cliffside or climbing up a mountain, for example, by pressing a single button Lara can double time it across the object. This is pulled off by rhythmically pushing the button to her motion. Seems simple enough, but it actually speeds up the game's pace, an idea the previous six games could've used. Little changes create a sense of experimentation and playfulness in Legend. Lara pulls off a beautiful swan dive from a 20-story cliff into a lake. By pressing and holding a button while grabbing a cliffside, Lara can transform a normal jump into a silky smooth back-bend to a perfect landing. If you time it right, she executes a series of back flips and summersaults.

Combat has also been improved, again small changes to the way she animates makes combat far more enjoyable. She can shoot while in mid-air and run and jump of enemies enabling a bullet-time style back flip which looks very cool. She has a multi-purpose grappling hook that hauls enemies into her clutches. She also has a slide attack, which can send enemies into a nice juggle; and she can hit and kick, too. On the weapons front, Lara can wield two weapons and grenades simultaneously, and her trademark pistols never run out of bullets. She can also use an MP5, Assault Rifle, shotgun, grenades as well as a grenade launcher. Medical kits are found throughout the levels, stored in the inventory and can be applied with a one button press. It\u2019s not all good news however; enemy AI (both human and animal) is \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665, getting caught on the environment, not knowing Lara is standing next to them and just standing in the open for Lara to shoot. Combat is still fun however, it\u2019s just noticeable in 2019 how bad the AI is here, and to be fair it was bad for 2006.

Regardless of which system you buy this on, Crystal Dynamics' art direction and design are top notch. The menus and interfaces are all sleek, easy, and fast. The game really is attractive on all levels. Obviously, the Xbox 360 and PC versions will shine the brightest. In particular, the Xbox 360 version offers an enormous amount of specialty shaders and lighting techniques that add texture and detail to otherwise normal environments. The water effects, large, well-detailed level, explosions, and the clarity of all the objects, enemies, and creatures are all high.

Lara will ride a handful of vehicles in Legend. The main new vehicle is a motorcycle, which Lara will mount twice in the game. The motorcycle riding is simple stuff. It serves more to break up the action than to provide much of a thrill, it\u2019s a liner ride down a straight road with jumps and enemies to shoot. Speaking of Liner the level design in Tomb Raider Legend is rather. The levels themselves look great and are a blast to explore; Lara will explore old Tombs as well as visit more modern environments such as sky scrapers. The entire levels house the typical mix of Tomb Raider action, exploration and puzzles, but all three elements to that tri-force feel great, a perfect balance in my opinion. Two Tombs in particular rank among the very best in the series, my only gripe would be the length of the game. It took me four and a half hours to complete, admittedly it was my 4th or 5th play through but all the same this won\u2019t take even first time players more than 6 hours to complete. When you compare that to previous games it\u2019s very short indeed.

The Croft Mansion is back. Instead of a training ground, however, it's Lara's own personal tomb to raid, filled with an array of great puzzles. The mansion is a freestanding home that's meant just for exploration, outside of the story proper. It's filled with collectables, secrets and hidden stuff. As are all the levels and collecting these can lead to new outfits for Lara to ware, pistol upgrades, director\u2019s commentary and artworks. So there is reason to return after the story is finished.

Tomb Raider: Legend is a massive return to form for the series, Eidos did the right thing changing the status quo and brining in a new developer. Tomb Raider now feels like a game for the 21st century and is a blast to play. It\u2019s up there with the best the series has to offer and despite its short run time the collectables and new outfits will keep you coming back time and time again.

PC \u2013 9.2\/10 Xbox 360 \u2013 9.3\/10 PS2\/GameCube \u2013 9.0\/10 Xbox - 9.1\/10. It is a more playable game than Anniversary. The control is much more developed and it is not so irrealisticly hard on normal level. The story is more interesting and there are many different scenes, which I liked.. \u20ac PRICE \/ QUALITY

\u2610"IT'S A TRAP!"(Admiral Ackbar)
\u2611 "That'll do, pig. That'll do."(James Cromwell)
\u2610 "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!"(Philip J. Fry)


\u2610 Extreme



GAME TIME (hours)

\u2610 0>2
\u2610 2>5
\u2611 5>15
\u2610 15>30
\u2610 30>50
\u2610 50>75
\u2610 75>100
\u2610 100>?


\u2610 None


\u2610Easy to learn, hard to master
\u2610Blackhole (FiolaSoft Studio)


\u2610Game itself is one big BUG
\u2610Bugs destroying the game
\u2610Few little bugs

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