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The Universim - Collector's Pack (Vol 1) Download For Pc [hacked]

The Universim - Collector's Pack (Vol 1) Download For Pc [hacked]

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About This Content

The Collector’s Pack includes all of the wondrous sights and sounds of The Universim. The Art Book will take you on a visual journey through the development of the game, from concept all the way to final. You will get an exclusive look at sketches, concept art, 3D renders, and more in stunning quality. Additionally, while you peruse the artwork, you can treat your ears to the game’s soothing Original Soundtrack. What’s not to love?

We are releasing the Collector’s Pack in two volumes to give us time to work on future content, but each volume is priced accordingly. Volume 1 of this pack includes the artwork and music of the Stone and Medieval Ages, which is available immediately. Modern and Space Age content will be included in Volume 2 at a later date.

This pack includes:
  • The first part of the stunning Digital Art Book, featuring 150 pages of sketches, concept art, 3D renders, and more from the Stone and Medieval Ages.
  • A folders containing over 1000 high-quality art assets to give you even more visual pleasure.
  • The first part of the Original Soundtrack, which includes tracks from the Stone and Medieval Ages.

    Track list:

    01_Building a New World
    02_Into The Wild
    03_Mother Planet
    04_Tribal Heart
    05_Nugget Life
    06_Harvest Season
    08_Far Horizons
    09_Frozen Mountains
    10_The Planet
    12_The Planet
    15_Loading Screen
    16_Main Menu Demo
    17_Main Menu Horizons
    18_Main Menu Expandable Universe
    19_Wild Village
    20_Mid Age
    21_Exploring Worlds
    22_Research Menu
    23_Never Released
    24_The Creation
    25_Unknown Worlds
    26_The Beginning
    27_The One

    Bonus Tracks

    1. Magic
    2. Light univers
    3. Dense Atmosphere
    4. Fantasy Dream
    5. Mystery Space
    6. The origin of the universe
    7. Legacy of the Future

Title: The Universim - Collector's Pack (Vol 1)
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Release Date: 28 Aug, 2018


  • OS: TBA


I just bought this game a few days ago and I love it. It is still in its Alpha stage, so I am very understanding of the fact that there is a lot that I cannot do yet. It is really cute and simple to learn. I created a few different loads and after playing it about 3 times I was able to learn methods that made it easier to manage. There are not a lot of quests at the moment, and even though you are their "god" you still do not have a lot to do. You can decide which buildings are build and most of your powers are there to influence your people. I did find it difficult to get believers cause the fastest way is by using your powers and doing quests, but the powers are limited to points. There was a couple bugs but from the update today, it looks like they already fixed them. I love this game and would buy it again in a heart beat! I have gotten as far as I can at the moment, for everythign else is "coming soon". I look forward to being able to play the full version and I certainly hope that anyone else that plays it can love it and respect it for what it is at the moment. It is truly beautiful to watch your civilization grow from just two people with nothing to a civilization with a government and potiental to leave the mother planet.. Really Cool!. I've only had this game for a short time and I'm already addicted. The only problem is that I don't know how to access the DLC I bought. Anyone else know how to?

Please and thank you!. This is one of the most fun games i have ever played. I love this game soundtrack and a lot of concept art.
. 1. How to open up concept Art
2. How to open up the music
3. Is their more DLC's coming out?

Rating: I love the DLC and I love the game in hole. It's crazy fun and you truly get to see civilization unfold right before your eyes.. This is one of the most fun games i have ever played

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