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Original Title: The Gilded Cage

Genge: Action,Comedy,Crime,Mystery,Romance,Sci-Fi,Thriller








































J. P. Spagge is an international criminal mastermind and The Avengers have a plan to trap him. They pose as thieves out to steal three million pounds worth of gold from a holding vault, though the heist goes wrong when Mrs. Gale is caught. In the event,this turns out to be merely a trick on the part of Spagge, to determine whether or not the 'robbers' are genuine. The real robbery is yet to come.
"The Gilded Cage" could almost be a dry run for "Goldfinger" (some five months before the James Bond feature began production), with Honor Blackman's Cathy Gale leading a group of professional criminals on a gold heist. Steed believes that wheelchair-bound mastermind John P. Spagge (Patrick Magee) will eventually take the bait, but is surprised when Cathy is promptly arrested for Spagge's murder. Previously seen in "Killer Whale," the dependable, eccentric Patrick Magee makes a fine, bitter villain, with Norman Chappell another standout as his snobbish butler, who admires Steed's exquisite taste in clothes (Chappell appeared in five other episodes, "Dance with Death," "Dead of Winter," "Dial a Deadly Number," "Murdersville," and "Fog"). Other series veterans include Neil Wilson (previously seen in "The Frighteners"), Fredric Abbot (previously seen in "Killer Whale"), Alan Haywood (previously seen in "A Chorus of Frogs"), Geoff L'Cise (previously seen in "Death Dispatch"), Martin Friend (later seen in "The White Elephant"), and Douglas Cummings (later seen in "The Wringer"). This marks the fifth and final appearance of Steed's dog Sheba, although its name is never mentioned (no more dogs would appear for the remainder of the series).
Steed and Mrs Gale have come up with a plan to entrap aging criminal mastermind J. P. Spagge. He claims to have retired but the idea of stealing three million pounds worth of gold might just get him to bite. Steed approaches him with the plan, explaining that Cathy works at the gold depository and has come up with a plan to rob it; she just needs a team to help with the robbery and somebody to take the gold afterwards. Things don't go as expected; shortly after Steed's visit to Spagge Cathy is arrested for his murder! The next thing she knows she is waking up in Holloway Prison and is told she has been tried and sentenced to hang. It later emerges that this is just a test by the team of robbers to make sure she is genuine. Once they decide they can trust her the planning for the robbery is discussed. Meanwhile Spagge, who is not actually dead, learns that Steed is in contact with the police so sends a man to shoot him.

This is a really good episode; it was fun to see Cathy Gale taking the central role. Honor Blackman was on top form; she really makes the viewer believe that Cathy is genuinely confused and then scared as she is told that she is to hang. The story itself is gripping with plenty of interesting characters; I liked the fact that not all of the villains are unsympathetic. The execution of the robbery is well done and leads to a fine finale that once again puts Cathy in real danger. The story is made all the more enjoyable by the knowledge that Honor Blackman would go on to star in 'Goldfinger'; possibly the most famous film about a gold heist. Overall I'd say this was a superior episode.


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