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The FIFA 20 Wishlist

FIFA 20 faces a pivotal year as the community voices concerns over gameplay, the predominance of Ultimate Team, the stagnation of modes like Career and Pro Clubs, and more. That's a lot to tackle in one or even two years,fifa 20 ut coins and the developers at EA Canada have their work cut out for them if they want to put the series on an upward trajectory.

Here are some ideas we have for the series (as well as the normal bug fixes of course). What are yours? Add them in the comments section below.Legacy issues such as shots hitting the post too much, pre-determined animation outcomes, overpowered headers, poor player switching, the threat of possible scripting, and more need to be addressed. Ultimate Team adds variables such as squad chemistry, boost items, and overall difficulty level in Squad Battles that also seem to add another layer of funkiness to FIFA's gameplay.
FIFA's ball doesn't feel quite right at times, whether shots unexpectedly take off like rockets or the ball feels floaty and lacking weight. Perhaps by extension, passing feels unsatisfying due to wayward passes and inconsistent power for manual passes and through balls. Overall, improving how the ball feels could impact the moment-to-moment experience significantly.

Developer EA Canada has tried to address FIFA 19's A.I. defending after the game's launch to tone down the effectiveness by which the A.I. intercepts passes, tackles, and strips players of the ball. This has led many to not controlling defenders at all. This is a delicate area, as nobody wants brain-dead defenders, but it also shouldn't feel like the game is doing all the work.Want to buy FIFA Coins from

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