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The Chosen Warriors Activation Code [portable Edition]

The Chosen Warriors Activation Code [portable Edition]

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About This Game

The Chosen Warriors is a new old school side scroller beat 'em up inspired by games like Golden Axe and Knights of the Round.


Great Replay value: Thanks to 12 heroes, multiple paths, game modes and difficulty levels

Choose your warrior wisely: The 12 heroes have their own difficulty in controlling them. From easy mechanics to complex ones for demanding players.

Deep combat system: Each species has its own capabilities of attack, defense, speed, range, resistance and special abilities

Unlockables: Obtain in-game rewards to unlock game modes, stages and characters

Show your skill: You won't find a system of "experience" to improve your characters. You get the complete list of movements from the beginning, the victory will depend on your own skill

Local cooperative game: Have fun along with your friends! a09c17d780

Title: The Chosen Warriors
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Early Access
GoeX GameS
GoeX GameS
Release Date: 22 Dec, 2017


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Dual core 3.0ghz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Geforce 9600GT
  • Storage: 4 GB available space


So this game is surprisingly well made considering it was \u00a30.49 and that the first thing you see is "Made with Unity Personal Edition" (i.e. the freebie hobby version). The graphics are actually quite decent and there are some well put together cut-scenes (which unfortuantely you cannot skip).

Here are some thoughts that I hope will be useful to the developer - I am trying to be as constructive as possible, so please take these comments as thoughtful suggestions rather than criticism!

My main complaint is the actual fighting gameplay itself, which is a shame considering this is the key aspect. In classics like Double Dragon and Golden Axe, there was some visceral fun of quickly dispatching your enemies, in the early stages of say Double Dragon you'd get a few guys come at you at once and it took a couple of hits to kill someone - it was fast and fun, and the quick kills gave you the thrill of achieving something early and quickly that drew you into the game with some early rewards. In this game you get one or two enemies at a time and basically just have to stand there motionless and just keep on mashing the "attack" button while the enemy gets hit, falls down, gets back up, gets hit again and falls down again, gets back up again, gets hit again, falls down again etc etc etc for about 30 seconds. It would have been more fun if the earlier enemies were easier to kill with a couple of hits (perhaps sending two or three enemies at you at once), then giving you a "Boss" that takes more effort to kill. It is also quite slow moving (plodding even) so this slow movement combined with the slow killing makes the game feel slow and quite lifeless. Just fixing these two things I think would make a big improvement to the game I think - you'd get an early hit of dopamine from the early initial kills, and combined with a faster pace would combine to make the game feel more alive and energetic.

Another criticism is that although the backgrounds are nicely done in 3D, the play area itself is entirely flat and does not make use of the 3rd dimension at all - for example it might have been cool to have say a small cottage\/house in the play area that enemies come out of or that I can climb up onto, or different surface heights such as walking up on a wall or something (even Double Dragon had ladders I could climb up and so on). There were enemies shooting arrows at me, it would have been cool if there was a wall I could duck behind. I can imagine some fairly cool like "castle wall" type levels where I could go up the battlesments or towers, or have bales of hale\/carts\/barrells or something at the baseof the walls that I would need to manouver around etc. There is a lot of potential there I think.

While the enemies were fairly varied, what I as a play could do was not. I only had one way to attack them (the stand still and press the attack button as quickly as possible). It would have been nice if I could have done different attack styles - e.g. a kick as well as a single jab with a sword instead of the "combo" attack (and wait for the full animation to complete....) that is the default at the moment, this would have allowed me to try and out-manouver the bigger enemies by e.g. getting behind them for a quick hit.

Finally, some of the AI was a bit annoying in that the enemies with the arrows that were firing at me were standing on the extrmeme right of the screen, and I was unable to get close enough to them to hit them as there was an invisible barrier preventing me from getting close enough. It would be nice if the enemies code would prevent them from lurking in that impossible-to-reach section.

Keep up the hard work! It has potential!

Patch v1.03:
*Enemy IA has been improved

*Loading time has been reduced in some stages

*Many upgrades and bugfixes to the castle stage

. Patch v1.01!!:
Hi people! now the Xbox 360 Controller button configuration is the default when you start the game!

Let's be clear :
This is the first screen when you start the game (BEFORE the main menu) I totally recommend remap the buttons to your taste the first time, the game will save you configuration

the game SHOWS YOU the default keys on the keyboard and the controller, you can remap everything with just ONE CLICK

The Freeze bug: Now its fixed, was caused by some kind of trouble between the game input files (only using Redulus or Quintus). The game (in the case of the Jim Sterling video) search for the buttons but, when dont find them the game crashes. Now its Fixed.

. 2019 Update!:
Thanks to all of you that send me feedback! The game will receive new updates.

For v2.0 i'm working on :
- Complete rework of hud
- Fix reported bugs
- Improve the game optimization

Thanks for your support!

Roberto "GoeX" Montesano. Update v2.0 in progress:
Currently working on :

* Fixed Reported and other minor bugs
* Reworked users interface(Check the artwork on community)
* Game speed is now 15% faster
* Reworked some stages length
* Reworked some enemies AI
* Characters rebalanced

This is a big update, will be finished in next months. Thank you for your support!!

. Patch v1.02:
Save System Improved!-

After update 1.01 I received reports of problems like lost of some unlocked files. Now the new autosave system makes sure that this won't happen ever again.

Improved load time of some scenes

The maximum game speed (the highest inside the 5 available options in the game settings) has been adjusted slightly.

Next month there will be another update!. About Story Mode:
While in story mode the player cannot choose warrior, the game gives you different characters according to the stage.

-about "blue bar special attacks characteristics"-

In ARCADE and TRAINING mode you can learn different combinations/attacks for each character, for having success in the different story episodes you should at least have some knowledge on each character.

Thanks once again for all your suggestions

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