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Thanks to your boss, you may have a potential drug check planned. What do you know? The most important thing about this exam is not to be paranoid. While the government has in most cases allowed marijuana, the employers still need time to come to terms.

Drug detection practices are varied from workplace to workplace, and you can be a daily smoker or a guy who wants to smoke a cigarette on weekends without a job. While work has proven that it is not, marijuana is still the root of all the problems for employers.

No matter why you smoke weed, if your employer wants you to undergo a drug screening test, you don't need to worry about it. In this article, we're going to tell you how to get THC out of your system and get the test done.

What is Urine Test?

You get high when you smoke weed. That's because of THC, isn't it? Now, you might have heard that THC has been in your system for a long time. Honestly, this is absurd! The level of THC in your system depends mostly on your habit of use. When you smoke marijuana, the THC in it goes to your liver, which is further broken down into THC-COOH. The urine test will indicate the amount of THC-COOH in your system.

It is popularly known as urinalysis, accounting for about 75% of all studies. You should understand that most employers are using 3rd party drug labs for testing. Okay, let us tell you what to do when your employer asks you to take the urinalysis test.

First of all, here we want to be clear. Don't fall for online stories like vinegar, cranberry juice, ginger root team, creatine pills, etc. don't clean THC from your system.

How to use synthetic urine

It's easy to clear the drug tests with synthetic pee. It can be sold in abundance in drug stores. You can also search the Internet to find the best deals available. Synthetic pee is chemically designed to be exactly the same as urine. It really smells and looks like natural urine. It is commonly used by pot smokers for research. Honestly, if we were to put two bottles of actual and synthetic urine, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. That's about how true it is! Don’t believe me?

And, if you are fortunate enough to have been approached for an unsupervised drug test, you can easily fill the labeled bottle with synthetic urine and pass the check. There are many varieties of synthetic pee available. When you're going to use synthetic pee for your first test, it could be a little baffling for you. So, let's clear up some stuff that will help you stay on the right track.

best synthetic urine brands

  • Clear Choice Sub Solution – ‘Clear Choice Sub Solution' is considered to be the best synthetic urine kit on the market. It includes all the chemicals that are found in human urine, such as uric acid, urea, and all 13 other chemicals. Therefore, when a sample of urine is sent to the laboratory to be tested, there is a slight risk that you will be detected if these chemicals are found in the synthetic urine.
  • Quick Fix 6.2 - One famous brand of synthetic urine is Quick Fix Synthetic Urine by Spectrum Labs; its revised formula is 6.2 since it is formulated according to the current drug testing guidelines. It's available in two sizes of 2 and 3 oz. The 3 oz. pack is also known as Quick Fix Plus as it contains more powdered urine. It is a replica of human urine as it contains uric acid, urea, an exact pH range, creatinine, and an exact basic gravity. Only Sub Solution has more chemical than Quick Fix.

Read more about these brands and more on synthetic pee solutions, click here for more info.

Detox Drinks

Detox drinks wash out the THC components of your body. When you're buying a detox drink, make sure you've done your homework and don't just buy some junk that's being thrown at you.  The package you are purchasing should have thorough instructions. Practice the same, and you're going to be able to pass the test.

For those who are heavy smokers, a mixture of beverages, drugs and detox fibers is prescribed. Detox fiber helps to improve your bowel movement, which in turn helps to remove THC from your body.

Best Detox Drinks Brands

  • Mega Clean - Mega Clean Detox is so effective that the solution not only removes the toxins in the urine but also replaces them with important minerals found in nutrients in the body. This procedure ensures that the urine looks absolutely natural and there is no room for doubt or double-checking. This detox method contains a very good combination of thiamine, ginseng, fruit fiber, thistle, potassium, B6 and B12, calcium, vitamin A & D, and much more. Typically, Mega Clean is needed for regular and heavy weed smokers and people over 200 lbs. This is also specifically designed for use in short-term drug testing.
  • Toxin Rid - Toxin Rid is an organic mixture of plants, vitamins and minerals that contains no animal products, fillers or synthetic substances. While preparing for a drug check, it is meant to detoxify the body of a drug toxin. Toxin Rid operates in as little as an hour to start flushing out the toxins in the body. Your blood, saliva, and most notably, your urine will be cleansed of all drug toxins by the end of the 10-day course, enabling you to take your drug test with confidence. If you are a chronic or heavy user of cannabis or other drugs and a pre-employment drug screening is ongoing, then 10-day detox Toxin Rid provides one of your best chances to pass the test.


Passing a drug test for THC is easier than you think. The best way is abstinence, but that’s not always possible. Choose the right product that fits your needs by reading reviews and doing your research.

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