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Star Valor Download For Pc [Torrent]

Star Valor Download For Pc [Torrent]

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About This Game

Star Valor is a Space Action RPG game where you are in control of your own spaceship, with a vast galaxy to explore, mine, quest, trade, fight and even craft your own weapons. You have many different ways to build your ship and stand out in this living space, where every action counts for making a good (or bad) impression towards each faction. Start small, improve, complete missions, gather allies (or hire mercenaries), grow big and powerful.

Current Features

  • Open World exploration on a procedural galaxy
  • Dynamic and easy to learn combat system
  • Craft your own weapons
  • 120+ different equipment to use in your ship
  • 60+ spaceship models
  • Chose new abilities as you level up
  • Unlock Perks to try new play styles
  • Story and procedural quest system
  • 7 factions to interact with

Title: Star Valor
Genre: Action, Indie, RPG, Early Access
Rafael Burgos
Rafael Burgos
Release Date: 13 Jul, 2018


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 2.0 Ghz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4000
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Yes


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Pretty fun at start, but getting bored when I've been the biggest boss...
That took me about 10 hrs. Great game, like it that you can put 2-3 + shield generator in your ship at start to make you tank block at start most enemys.. Dev is very active in expanding the game, and is open to feedback..

This game has some HUGE potential and im always logging in to see what might comes next.. Great game, but remember it`s still early access!

if you like the concept of open world, top down space games, this is your kind of game.
the control of the ship feels just perfect. (keyboard + mouse for me)
you can`t change keys yet, but the dev is working on that. (the keys are well placed btw)

the dev is very active and diligent in the forum.

free space in sectors. endless sectors
free config of your ship with the equipment
BEAM WEAPONS (sorry i love them ^^)
a lot of parts for your ship (weapons, modules,etc...)
upgadeable items
great developer
much more...

crafting, not yet really usefull
main story not finished
not much useful ships and classes, many have the same stats.
aktually only to level 50. allows you to get 1 full tree and a few on the 2nd
tech level at the beginning can be a little frustrating, but not really a contra

overall, a really good game with tons of potenzal.
if you plan to buy it, do it. i am sure it will be more expensive later.
you won`t regret it.
most things in the contra list are known by the dev and he is working on that.
some small, some bigger things. it just needs time ;)

. Loving the game... feels a lot like a mix of Avorion and Starmade in ways with an arcady feel.

Game is extremely frustrating though! Can only save at Star Bases and Friendly Bases. Think of it as any other RPG. Save and save often.

Sounds are good
Combat is tricky but fun
Questing is straight forward
Money earning is a reasonable grind

Note: Still have no idea how to get higher tech levels for better gear, but Im sure it will come to me sooner than later.

Overall, for the price, well worth it. Open world, tons of hours to be played (80+ easily). 8/10. Well it appears I may have been bottled between overpowering zones. I dont like the fact this can happen, dying instantly from foes far stronger then you one jump from start is not good. I really think you should get a chance to play for a bit and explore.

The dev stated "Since the galaxy is procedural, sometimes there are higher level sectors too close to start, so it can get hard." and it looks like I got screwed on that. I could have restarted but I would have gone over the 2 hour refund window and what if that would not have fixed the issue. If this gets fixed then I would recommend the game, but getting screwed at start is something that all games should avoid.. Its a really fun game and has a lot of replayability. Easy to get into and well worth the price if you like exploration type sapce shooty.

"Payback time" Patch - 27/july/2018:
Hey everyone, it's AI payback time (or not)
AI Ships got stronger in higher levels, had some BUGs fixed, and now there are bosses.

  • Added Boss Ship, which spawns mostly in sectors with no faction control or Pitch Black. They are always visible in the sector map.
  • FIXED a bug that made most AI spaceships have the lowest pilot skill possible (bad aim).
  • AI spaceship power increased in higher levels.
  • Increased effect of tier 1 skills and reduced point limit to 5 (characters with more than 5 points in one skill will have all skills reset).
  • Increased warp distance bonus of Master Explorer skill to 3.
  • Items gained through scraping are now shown in side panel.
  • Renamed ship sizes to (1: Shuttle, 2: Yacht, 3: Corvette, 4: Frigate, 5: Cruiser, 6: Dreadnought, 7: Kraken), ship class (role) will be added later on.
  • Weapon slot heat allowance now increases for bigger ship sizes.
  • Reduced size of Heavy and Capital Impulse Drives.
  • Reduced Drone parts base price to 50 from 80.
  • Increased base stock quantity for trade goods.
  • Added Capital Impulse Drive Mk. IV and increased acceleration power for lower models.
  • Increased acceleration cap for ship size 6 (now named Dreadnought).
  • Increased turning speed cap for ship size 5.
  • Reduced heat and energy increase on burst modifier (crafting).
  • Reputation panel now shows how much points are needed for next rank.
  • Objects like asteroids or stations will not spawn in the center of the map (0,0) anymore.
  • Added option to change the speed boost button (default shift) on game launch setup.
  • Added option to turn VSync on/off in game setup.
  • FIXED save game on sector with no faction control.
  • FIXED freeze on "invalid quest" message.
. Small Patch - 09/Oct/2018:
Mostly balance and fixes :)

  • Added two new songs (chill and tense ambient).
  • Enemies higher level than the player are now harder to defeat (starting at level 10) according to the level difference.
  • Reduced quantity of items needed for freighter quests, especially for rare items.
  • NPCs can no longer move your ship while docked.
  • Reputation gains for buying goods now only goes up to friendly (1000) and won't have any effect when hostile (-1000) or lower.
  • Updated Portuguese (Brazil) localization.
  • Fixed Doom Cannon not using ammo.
  • Fixed projectiles colliding with jump gates.
  • Fixed a BUG when getting location for quests.
  • Fixed galaxy map sectors not updating color after reputation changes.
. Early Access Announced:
Star Valor is coming in June as Early Access and all the details are covered in the game page.
Feel free to ask any other questions here.

- Rafael "Laious" Burgos. Here we go!:
I'm glad to announce the Star Valor Steam page is finally here!

After 2 years of development by a "one man team", it's all coming to life (probably) by jun 2018 as an Early Access version.
The game price hasn't been defined yet, as for some other things that need to be settled, but I'm planning to post news and changes here as often as I can.

Every help and feedback will be appreciated!

- Rafael "Laious" Burgos. Patch - 23/july/2018:
A bit bigger patch this time. Also, for germans and russians: translation is on the way! :)

  • Added option to abandon quests (not available to story-line quest);
  • Sector icons on galaxy map now also shows the quests you have there, and their objectives;
  • A waypoint can now be added simply by clicking the sector map (click on it again to remove it);
  • Camera zoom level is now saved;
  • Added equipment (drop only): Holocron (3 types), which is used to learn Tech Level up to a limit (3, 5 and 7);
  • Added minimum speed and acceleration without impulse drive;
  • AI ships bellow level 5 will not have shields now;
  • Full Stop (default: space bar) can now be bind to a different key at game start up;
  • FIXED: Upgrading stacks of items with only one Ancient Relic;
  • FIXED: "Saving Game" message was shown even when you were not in safe zones and sometimes it would stick to the screen.

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