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Space Hole 2016 Ativador Download [License]

Space Hole 2016 Ativador Download [License]

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About This Game

Warning: Please take caution if you have problems with seizures or similar issues! This game features many flashing bright lights!

Will you enter the SPACE HOLE?

Can you traverse the LEVELS?

In the near future, humans discover the missing piece for faster-than-light travel: giant glass spheres.
All we needed to break the light-barrier was the light-ball... and now we've done it.
Alone in your capsule, you venture into the deepest reaches of Space... through the SPACE HOLE.

SPACE HOLE is reminiscent of games like Antichamber, Marble Madness, Katamari Damacy, with a healthy dose of Super Monkey Ball and a dash of pulp sci-fi. Prepare for a single-player adventure through over 100 levels, split into hubs like Hell and the Eyeballs Dimension.

Music is from Beverly Crusher, a local Seattle indie punk band.

Supports gamepad (eg Xbox 360 pad) or mouse & keyboard!
Graphical settings that will work for most computers! 7ad7b8b382

Title: Space Hole 2016
Genre: Indie
Sam Atlas
Mr. Sam Atlas
Space Hole
Release Date: 2 Sep, 2016


space hole 2016

this game is insanely fun. needs an award for appeasing my high standards with video games.

10/10 I couldnt beat the single achievement so I deleted it Fun fun fun
. Space Hole is an wierd but fun indie puzzle platformer game. I lovingly nick named this game Monkey Ball Not Monkey Ball, as it is a simular puzzle game with a rolling ball. You play as a space ship in a bubble going through a strange deep space galactic setting. Every level has an impossible to complete feel at first, but once you start to thinking outside the box they get more manageable. The music is pertty cool as the developer used music from a local Seattle indie band. At first, I thought that this game was one of those joke greenlight games that you can tell the developer just maded it for quick money, but Space Hole was a splend surpise. I really enjoyed it and the difficulty of the game made me feel accomplishment after beating. And I give this a 7\/10.. I bought this game thinking it was going to be completely like the zoo race in its quality. but after playing a couple of levels I am pleasently surprised but how well the game plays and the soundtrack is rather good. Is it the best game I've ever played? no certainly not, but seeing how its made by one person and it has a good idea that plays well, I'll give it a pass. It's not the best looking or playing but I can see the potential here. I would say 99 cents is a good price for the game in its state, The only thing so far I don't like is the starting screen being rather nauseating when looking at it. I look forward to see what the developer can do in the future. Get the game when you need a boredom killer, Don't get the game if you want something extremely immersive or story driven.. YOU GOTTA GO IN THE SPACE HOLE. Good bad-art, cool music, fun level design.

If you've ever seen a speed run of Monkey Ball where they ricochet their way to the goal, imagine levels made around that, but which are really short and have instant restart to avoid frustration. Easily worth a couple bucks IMO.

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