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SMOK Morph 219W Kit Review – A Second Opinion

Last month, we reviewed the new smok morph 2019, and gave it a stellar “A” score, even if the reviewer felt it wasn’t quite a “must-have” system. But when we were having our internal debates about the year’s best mod systems (so far) we spent more than a few minutes revisiting the Morph kit. And the results were that some of us liked it more than others.

Me? I’m usually the cranky one around here, looking for flaws and nitpicks, even when there aren’t many. But in this case, I wanted to write a follow-up to my colleague’s initial review, because I feel the SMOK Morph IS a must-have device for fans of the brand, if not all vapers.
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Maybe it’s not PERFECT, but so few devices are. Instead, the touchscreen-enabled Morph kit shows true progress for SMOK by taking a wealth of ideas the company tried before and making them all better. It’s not subtle, it’s not a “throwback” and it’s not streamlined. But it is the best representation of their mod lineage since they launched the stalwart Alien all those years ago, and it’s one of the best device/tank combos we own.

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