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Security Tag On Clothing

My wife came home last night from shopping at JCPenny's and bought herself some clothes. One item was a nice hooded sweatshirt and she went to put it on this morning for her workout and the stupid plastic security tag thing was still on. It's the round one with one end flat and the other side a cone shape. Says ink will be released if you attempt to take it off. Now the easiest solution is to head to the store and have them remove it since we have the receipt of purchase. No problem. But the thing is the store is almost 2 hours away. Not something that's really feasable at the moment. Anyone know how to remove this thing without ruining the shirt? And no I didn't steal it nor did she. It's happened to me before as well and I went back to the store then because we didn't live as far at that time but we do now. As with my instance the security thing never went off either which would have actually been nice because it would have saved us this whole dilema. Thanks in advance for any tag remover
Studies estimate that there are 27 million shoplifters in the United States alone. However, if retailers are diligent about their loss prevention strategy, explore best practices advised by experts, train employees properly and implement an advanced video surveillance system boosted by analytics and business intelligence, their efforts are far more likely to deter potential thieves and disarm employees who are considering using their inside knowledge for financial gain.

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