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Scientists crack double-limit Texas Hold'em, humans lose to computers

According to the Science Daily, in the past more than half a century, the game has been a test bed for new ideas in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), and the success has marked a significant milestone - the super chess computer "dark blue" defeated chess Master Garry Kasparo and supercomputer Watson defeated the pre-challenge champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. However, defeating top human players is not the same thing as actually cracking a game, and now researchers at the Computer Poker Research Group (CPRG) at the University of Alberta Science School in Canada are cracking the double limit poker for the first time (heads- Up limit hold'em poker).
 "Poker has always been a challenging issue for artificial intelligence in the past 40 years, and this is the end of the problem," said Bowling, the lead author and researcher at the School of Science. The study was published in the January 9 issue of Science. 카지노사이트Poker is a collection of games with incomplete information, and players do not have complete knowledge of past events. The most popular type of poker is now Texas Hold'em. When it has only two players (one-on-one match) and has only a fixed bet and number of times, this is called double heads-up limit poker. Because it is smaller than the chess, the nature of the incomplete information of the Double Limit Poker makes it a more challenging game for computer play or need to solve.
 "If there is no statistical difference between playing endless cards and cracking the deck with 95% confidence, then we define the game as crackable." Bowing explained. “Imagine a person playing 200 cards an hour a day, playing 12 hours a day without interruption needs to play for 70 consecutive years. Then imagine a worse situation, maximize the spirit of plunder, the opponent's strategy and never make a mistake.”
Although many complete information games (that is, everything that the player is told to be in the game before making a decision) are cracked, such as four-game chess, no important non-complete information game played by human players has been cracked. These games are more challenging. While a complete information game may be an integral part of a popular living room game, it is very rare in real-world decision making.

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