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Samsa And The Knights Of Light Addons

Samsa And The Knights Of Light Addons

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About This Game


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Title: Samsa and the Knights of Light
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Atixx, ClorithStudio
Release Date: 2 Dec, 2015


  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® Vista (Service Pack 2) or Windows® 7 or Windows® 8.
  • Processor: Dual-core CPU or Better


samsa and the knights of light

This is the game that makes me stay away from anything lacked RPG maker. The story is terrible and feels like a minimum effort tale. My only recommendation is if you like easy dumb new grounds style flash game RPG's and are under the age of 17, this won't be a bad mindless buy. If you are an adult, or you want decent gameplay, a decent story or even some decent jokes, look somewhere else. This game should be a free flash game on new grounds for how simple every aspect of it is. Simple isn't always bad, especially if you're a kid with some time to kill.. Actually it would be a very great RPG with a great potential. so here a pros and cons. *PROS* 1. Good storyline and it's twisted. (compliment to story writer) 2. Become real Demon or Angel Disguise in Demon shape, your choice. 3. Date chicks and marry her. ^O^ 4. mini games and comic, WTF!! you'll gonna love it. Cons 1. thought the storyline are good, yet the activities of Samsa did during the day are very limited, only grind at some town and try acquire new character or ask some chicks for a date. and it's very boring. :( 2. very short storyline, I have replay the game three times in one day. 3. There are total 22 character that you can acquire in this game, yet there are no hint or clue of how to get all the character. so I have to go to every house and town on searching the 2 rest character in this game each day, still I havent got it, thought I Have played this game until the 105th day. unlike Suikoden II, in Suikoden II there are character that can helped to give you hint or clue to get all the character in that game. for nearly 5 buck, I still recommended this game and hope there are some development to the game.. im a simple man.. A surprisingly deep JRPG with multiple romances and both litterally and figuratively colorful characters.. Eh. didn't do much, just roaming around leveling like crazy for the achievements.. Not even 15 minutes in and I'm reading manga and playing minigames Didn't know what I was expecting, but for about 5 bucks it seems like a very good value! Low quality English due to translation, not quite "all your base are belong to us" bad, but enough so that it might turn some people off of it. Personally I don't mind it. Also meme faces.. A great RPG with alot of work put into! *PROS* 1. Grinding is actually fun. 2. Good storyline. 3. Be hated by the world but gain friends who see you more then a monster. 4. Become a overpower hero or villian. 5. Date some sexy ladies (ever rpg need this!) 6. Cook and Improve food! (I can finally cook for once without burning anything!) 7. Mini-Games! 8. Train to improve your stats and earn money. 9. Your actions affect the outcome of your endings. 10. Be a demon.yes so much yes finally something not with human as main characters. :) 11. Game developer is very helpful and is willing to help you! 12. Give the game a go! :) Cons 1. More towns to enter maybe and different enemies.. I actually really liked this game although these types of games aren't usually my thing. I got pretty hooked and had to finish it before bed haha. It was entertaining and pretty funny, and you could play the game at your pace since 'going to sleep' was how you moved forward in the game - it's up to you how long you stay awake each day and all the stuff you do! The story line had a great plot twist, and although the 'fighting' was pretty basic, (reminded me of a 'grown up' pokemon type thing) it was still good. 7.5/10: I had fun, and I'd definitly play part 2 if there was one, and I'd happily reccomend it too. It was hard to figure out exactly what to do sometimes and it got a bit boring when you were 'training' (getting xp and stuff), but overall good.. The developer knows how to colorize his characters that's for sure. Nice art.

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