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Review of Hydromax The Results and Side Effects

Many men want to grow the length of their penis because they know that it gives women more pleasure. Those that take make enhancement products or want to try them are wondering about hydromax and the results. Let’s look at what hydromax can do for you.

Does this Product Work for Penis Size?

Many have used Hydromax and see some results, but not the 4 inches claimed by the product. Some have apparently seen 2-3 inches of growth after taking Bathmate HydroPumps. The results they say are long-lasting.

Hydromax Very safe to use because it has done research in advance and approved by aspen clinical research. How to use it quite easily, only takes 15 minutes per day to achieve maximum results within 2 months. The pumping process uses water and air media making it safe for the skin and genital area of the penis.

The Hydromax Bathmate pump consists of various types:

  • Bathmate Series Goliath and Hercules Clear, Red, Blue
  • Hydromax X series X20, X30, X40 Clear
  • Hydromax Xtreme Series X20, Clear, X30 Clear, X40 Clear, X50 Clear, Red, Blue

How To Use Hydromax Pump

The hydromax penis pump can be use in 3 different ways; shower, bath tub and even on air. The first two ways work efficiently while the third one is not recommended as using the pump on air only is not an efficient way. The website will demonstrate how to use the pump while on the shower while using in the bath tub will be explained further down.

Using The In The Tub

Fill the bath tub with hot water enough to cover the waist when seated. Bath and relax for at least 5 minutes to allow the area around the testicles to become loose. Keep in mind, do not use the pump while within this relaxation period. The 5 minute period dedicated to relaxation allows achieve maximum comfort when pumping.

Loosen the penis by applying a slight foreplay prior to inserting into the pump. Then, submerged the pump allowing water to fill completely. Once filled, insert flaccid penis into the pump while keeping it submerged.

Carefully position the sealing ring on the beveled area at the based of the testicles. Doing so reduces pressure applied to the testicles and allowing the pump to seal fully against the pelvis. Also, make sure the penis is evenly positioned inside the pump. Hold back the testicles making sure it is comfortable prior to compressing or pumping the Hydromax.

Push or pump the hydromax towards the pelvis a few times to begin building up the vacuum inside the pump. During the pumping, excess water will be released onto the pressure valve. Normally, a vacuum is created with 4 to 5 pumps or until no excess water is released. At this point, just relax as it indicates optimum vacuum is achieved.

When the vacuum starts to decrease, pump the hydromax back to achieve optimum pressure. On the other hand, if the pressure is too much, pressing the pressure valve lightly will release pressure.

Release the pressure by depressing the pressure valve release after 15 to 20minutes of using the pump. Releasing the pressure and removing the pump can be done while standing in order to see noticeable results at once.

Although, keep in mind that Hydromax can give your penis instant increase in size, and this size gain is usable instantly. That means, prior to having sex, one can perform a hydro pumping routine to gain size. However, this particular gain is not permanent, yet. To achieve a substantial size gains, one must perform the routine regularly.

This can be compared perfectly just as going to the gym and perform body workouts. After the workouts, muscle gains is very noticeable, but the gains can only last for a certain time. To make the gains permanent, one must undergo constant and regular training. Penis enlargement using hydro pumping works in the same concept as body building.

The Side Effects

There are no serious side effects with this product because it’s all save to use, but there may be a few problems. Since the product increases blood flow, this isn’t good for those that have heart problems.

If you have allergies, you may be impacted by the product. Some individual may have headaches when taking this pump. If you have current conditions like high blood pressure, it’s nest to consult a physician before you take this product.

The hydromax pump pump guarantees 100% cash back if there is no change at all in penis size for 60 days. No more questions. Visit official website for more information.

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