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When will England follow its neighbours and introduce a plastic bag levy.Britainis the old bag lady of Europe. But she's cleaning up her act.

A 5p levy on plastic carrier bags in supermarkets was introduced in Wales in October 2011. Last week, those who made trips to the shops with their own grocery bag saw the fruits of their efforts.Oxymetholon powder

Last year, 70m plastic bags were used by Welsh shoppers, compared to 270m in 2011. The 5p charge is having an impact. Northern Ireland introduced its own 5p levy in April and Scotland where bag usage is highest per head in Britain will bring in its own charge in October 2014.

This leaves England adrift in its own little shopping aisle, with no plans just yet to follow its neighbours.Environmental campaigners are angry at what they Buy Viagra Uk Paypal see as Westminster's dithering over the issue, but politicians and retailers maintain that financial pressures on a nation of shoppers must be taking into consideration before making a decision.

The figures released last week by Wrap, a government body which promotes recycling, showed that Britons used 8.1bn plastic carrier bags in 2012, a 1.3 per cent increase on the previous year.England was the worst culprit with a 4.4 per cent rise shoppers there used 7bn bags last year.

However, since recording the figures began in 2006, the number of bags being used has dropped by 34 per cent. Those in favour of holding off on a bag charge in England can also point to the fact that the total weight of bags being used across Britain also fell last year.

The government insists it wants to tackle what it calls the 'blight' caused by plastic bags. It says it is weighing up its options over a bag levy in England, pointing out that there is 'pressure on household budgets at this time'.But campaigners are getting impatient and want the example set by Wales to be followed.

'It is time we introduced a carrier bag charge in this country,' said Helen Bingham, Buy Viagra Uk a spokeswoman for Keep Britain Tidy, which is part of the Break the Bag Habit campaign.'The reason the government's given for not doing Buy Kamagra Tablets anything about it is they wanted to see what happened in Wales. Well, now they've seen what's happened in Wales and obviously it's fantastic news that it's gone down in Wales so much.'

The 5p levy paid per bag in Wales goes to charity, while Marks Spencer, which introduced its own 5p charge on standard food carrier bags in 2007, donates its bag profits to environmental good causes. When Scotland introduces its own charge next year, it is estimated that it will raise up to 5m annually for charity.

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