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OST And Art Pack - Just, Bearly Download Direct

OST And Art Pack - Just, Bearly Download Direct

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About This Content

Contains the Official Sound Track from 'Just, Bearly' a long with four special art pieces.

This DLC DOES NOT affect game play in anyway. This is merely meant to be an extra item for players that enjoyed the art or want to support the artists financially. Thanks


- "Train Of Thought" by Liam De Bruin (the official soundtrack for Just, Bearly)

- HD Just, Bearly screensaver/background for pc/mac

- Just, Bearly mobile lock-screen/background

- Just, Bearly lock-screen/background for ipad/tablet d859598525

Title: OST and Art Pack - Just, Bearly
Genre: Casual, Indie
Daniel J Roberts
Release Date: 25 Jun, 2018


Seems no file added when I bought this DLC. Please check this issue. And thanks for making this game.. Bought this to support the game maker. Sadly, I can't seem to find the files. Hope this issue gets fixed soon.. I loved the game but I am unable to access the artwork or the soundtrack after purchasing the DLC.. It is a great game so thank you and keep it up!. I bought this as a support for the artist and the maker of this game
Even though i can't find the art\/ost files but i still keep it
Keep doing more "awkward" games ;33. the game is quite nice and enjoyable so i decided to purchase the dlc, but is does not appear in my library

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