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Not likely to survive! 7 signs that Your relationship

Have you seen it? Some couples who have been together for a long time Love each other as if it will swallow. Anyway, I will definitely dress up as soon as the seventh year comes! Breaking aside, many people would like to say that it is the story of the 7-number mystery that love is scrappy. But if it passes, it will be a long relationship, but there are some who say that 7 years is long enough to gradually diminish the love that once had it. Signs that your relationship will be lost by the 7-year love mystery just in case you want to fix it.

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The 7-year love mystery, 7 signs to be aware of
No time for each other
The first dating, almost 24 hours in a row, no matter what, the boyfriend always comes to the first place. When you want to meet, you're ready to go. Agreeing to postpone a friend's appointment to find a girlfriend has been done, but as long as the time that has been used for each other, it gradually diminishes but becomes more focused on other things. Be it work, friends, or personal events If you don't want your relationship to be worse than this, think back to when you first got together. Meet each other once a week is still good.

Different people
Communication is important. Because if you lose contact with each other Both of you will feel like each other. Each person has his own life. If on the day when you start to feel that you do not know each other. Have you eaten yet? Is that friend still in a relationship? Are the dogs at home okay or not? How are you working? If these are things that you have never heard from his mouth. This means that your relationship may end in friendship rather than lovers. So just remember to talk more. What did you find? Have some problems, come and discuss.

A comfortable relationship with each other is good. But if you are dating for a few years and you start to feel like you're dead The person lost importance to the other party. Must review it carefully The research found that Expressing gratitude to the other person It is the key to a happy marriage. Therefore we should show some Make him see that we feel lucky to have him in life. Let him know that without him we must be bad. No one wants to be worthless in anyone's eyes, right?

There are no joint activities.
Of course, everyone has different things to do and personal interests and activities. That is a personal matter of each person. But in a relationship, if your partner doesn't have anything to do together, it can be a big problem. Because doing activities together will make us feel closer to each other. And the fact that you don't spend time together will make you feel even more apart. Maybe it's watching a movie Go for a walk Or going to the gym together would be helpful.

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