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Non-Linear Text Quests Download Bittorrent Pc

Non-Linear Text Quests Download Bittorrent Pc

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About This Game


Non-Linear Text Quests is a bundle of text games of various genres. Here you can find interactive stories with branching plots and text-only versions of classic Point & Click quests, where you can communicate with different characters, use your inventory and combine items in various locations.

The bundle consists of a few games by NLB project: "Return of Red Riding Hood, New Adventures", "Am I a Monster?", and "The Barbarian and the Subterranean Caves" (demo version).
This bundle also has games from other authors:
"Returning of the Quantum Cat", "The Watch" (by Peter Kosyh) and "Shturman" (by LuckyUk)


  • No advertising, mandatory in-app purchases or lootboxes
  • Nonlinear plots with branching story paths
  • Text-only versions of classic Point & Click quests
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Steam achievements
  • Professional proofreading

A brief description of some of the games in this bundle

"Return of Red Riding Hood, New Adventures" is a sequel to "Return of Red Riding Hood". This time Red Riding Hood and her mom will be baking pastries with ham, sorrel and cottage cheese, while finding themselves again in ridiculous and funny situations.

"Am I a Monster?"
You have become a werewolf! But that beastly appearance is not as dangerous as the beast growing inside you. Are you a monster or a human? That is the answer you need to discover.

"Returning of the Quantum Cat"
The most famous game on the INSTEAD engine. You play as a forester, whose cat was abducted. The search leads you to a strange institute. Help save Barsik!

"The Watch"
The starship "Pilgrim" is heading to Gliz 667c. Estimated flight time -- dozens of years. Every member of the crew is taking a 48 hour watch shift, while the others stay in cryosleep. This story tells about the events during one of such shifts.

This is an educational game, which originally was written by Oleg Shamshura in the 1990's. Master the basics of programming by solving logic tasks based around cargo transportation by means of a spaceship. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Non-Linear Text Quests
Genre: Adventure, Indie
NLB project
NLB project
Release Date: 24 Jul, 2018


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