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Mining Empire: Earth Resources Torrent Download [cheat]

Mining Empire: Earth Resources Torrent Download [cheat]

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About This Game

Money literally lies beneath our feet, but only few are willing to make an effort to get it. You are one of those enthusiasts who are not afraid of hard work and possible risks, and bravely go down to the bowels of the earth to find their wealth. Neither the severe climate of Siberia, nor professional challenges can stop you from achieving your cherished goal - to get enough resources for a lunar station.

Run large Russian enterprises whose mission is to explore, exploit and sell both minerals and processing products. Organize your work in a way to minimize costs and increase profits, expand your business on domestic market and gain access to external ones. Search for new reserves, but don't forget about competition: it’s not only you who wants to make these mines their own gold ones. Convert your income into gold reserve to top the leaderboard.


Exploration and exploitation are being carried out on the same territories of the Russian Federation as in real life.


Large enterprises are in your hands, which means that you have to make important decisions affecting the future of your business.


Try to top the Steam leaderboard by earning a gold reserve larger than other players.


Title: Mining Empire: Earth Resources
Genre: Indie, Strategy, Early Access
Release Date: SPRING 2019

English,German,Simplified Chinese,Russian

Sneak Peek #8 - Pumpjack:

A pumpjack is the overground drive for a reciprocating piston pump in an oil well. It's used in the oil-producing industry to drill wells up to 4,000 meters deep.
A typical installation may have a length of 7 m, and a width of about 2-2.5 m. The mass usually exceeds 10 tons. The general principle of the operation of the equipment is similar to the function of a syringe, which in this case is provided by sucker-rod pumps. Also, as an indispensable element, the pumpjack is equipped with columns of compression tubes. Through these channels the lifting and transmission of oil is realized.
The pumpjacks operate in a circular-based way, allowing the oil to concentrate around the well to ensure efficient pumping. In addition, this principle of maintenance minimises deterioration of the parts of a drive.
Operators control the lifting of oil, and technical staff also monitor the operating performance of the mechanisms in terms of maintaining their function within peak-load tolerances. The most common pumpjack in the pump-drive operations is designed for pile-supported mining. With the help of this unit, wells can be drilled in permafrost environments.. Release date delay of Mining Empire: Earth Resources:
Hello, dear friends!
We are in a hurry to announce that the release date of our new game Mining Empire: Earth Resources was postponed to the end of April!
We apologize for the inconveniences. Thank you for being with us.
Playloft Team.. Sneak Peek #5 - COMBUSTIBLE NATURAL GASES:

- mixtures of hydrocarbons of the methane series and non-hydrocarbon components found in the sedimentary cover of the earth's crust in the form of free accumulations, as well as in dissolved (in oil and stratal waters), diffused (sorbed by rocks) and solid (in gas hydrate deposits) compounds.
Combustible natural gases in gas reservoirs are under reservoir pressure, which is created by the pressure of overlying rocks and the pressure of reservoir waters. In most cases, the reservoir pressure corresponds to hydrostatic, i.e. the pressure of the water column height equal to the depth of the reservoir. There are also gas deposits where the reservoir pressure is higher or lower than hydrostatic. The deposits with abnormally high reservoir pressures are most often confined to deep horizons, as well as to strata composed of plastic clays.. Sneak Peek #10 - OVERBURDEN MINING:

OVERBURDEN MINING - the removal of rocks that cover minerals during open pit mining. Overburden mining includeы the preparation of rocks for excavation and loading, transportation and dumping. Overburden mining is to create the initial mining front during the construction of quarries and during the operation to preserve and develop this front. Overburden rocks that do not contain useful components are removed to external or internal dumps. If overburden rocks are suitable for use as building mineral raw materials (for example, clays, sands, limestone, chalk, etc.), then they are exposed to further processing (crushing, sorting, etc.)

The excavation and loading of loosened overburden rocks from the bottom-hole are performed, as a rule, by excavators, earth moving and transporting (wheeled scrapers, bulldozers) and loading and transporting (single-bucket loaders, etc.) machines.

Excavators of cyclical action, or single-bucket excavators, perform work on the excavation and movement of the soil cyclically: fill the bucket with soil, turn it over, unload it into the dump or other transport, return the bucket to its original position. This type of model is widely distributed due to its versatility. With the help of interchangeable equipment, the single-bucket excavator can perform not only earthworks, but also loading and unloading operations.

. Sneak Peek #21 - Tardigrade: radiation resistance secret:

In 2007, a little-known creature called the Tardigrade became the first terrestrial organism that survived in open space. This research was conducted aboard the Foton-M3 satellite, the launch of which was sponsored by the European Space Agency. The purpose of the experiment was to find out how terrestrial organisms endure the extreme conditions of cosmic radiation at the molecular level. The result exceeded all expectations: the Tardigrade endured the short-term effects of extremely low temperatures, cosmic radiation and an almost complete vacuum.

Tardigrades (lat. Tardigrada) are widespread throughout the Earth, they could be found in the sea, freshwater ponds and on land. Their body is less than 1 mm long and they look like bears, although biologically they are very primitive organisms.

Over millions of years of evolution, the Tardigrades have learned to hibernate in adverse conditions, when almost all the functions of their vital activity are suspended. This condition is called cryptobiosis. It is believed that this ability allows Tardigrades to survive in outer space.

X-ray resistance is a side effect of the Tardigrades adaptation to dehydration. According to scientists, severe dehydration causes damage to living organisms at the molecular level, it can even break the DNA chain, as X-rays do. Scientists began exploring the capabilities of the Tardigrade using the genome sequencing of the Ramazzottius varieornatus Tardigrades species, whose cells are particularly resistant to external influences. As a result, it was found that a protein known as Dsup prevents the destruction of the DNA. It allows the Tardigrade to get through dehydration and radiation. Scientists have also found that human cells with the Tardigrade DNA elements can reduce the damage from x-rays by about 40%. Thus, on the basis of research, it is possible to develop mechanisms for protecting people from X-rays while undergoing treatment or under extreme conditions, including a long space flight.

The study of Tardigrades is actively continues. Scientists believe that the Tardigrade is the key to understanding of how earth life in general adapts to the conditions of a long stay in outer space.. Sneak Peek #20 - Space radiation and ways of protecting from it:

Radiation is one of the main negative biological factors of outer space. There are two types of radiation that poses potential threats: solar flares cosmic rays. Solar flares are rather powerful radioactive impulses capable of killing in a very short time. Cosmic rays are a set of various particles that have a high linear energy transfer, because of what they are called densely ionizing radiation.

In today's strategy for improving human radioresistance, there are the following areas:. Sneak Peek #4 - STONE COAL:

STONE COAL - solid fuel mineral from plant origin - a kind of fossil coal, intermixture of brown coal and anthracite. Coal is a dense rock of black or gray-black color, making a black line on a porcelain plate. Organic matter contains 75-92% carbon, 2.5-5.7% hydrogen, 1.5-15% oxygen. The highest calorific value in terms of dry ash-free state is 30.5-36.8 MJ / kg. Most hard coal belongs to the humolites; sapropelites and humitosapropelites are present in the form of lenses or small layers.
Coals are in the form of layers and lenticular deposits of various thickness (from fractions of meters to several tens and hundreds of meters) at different depths (from surface outlets up to 2500m and deeper). Coals are formed from decomposition products of organic residues of higher plants that have undergone changes (metamorphism) under the pressure of the surrounding rocks of the earth's crust and relatively high temperatures.. Sneak Peek #13 - Geologic preliminary investigation:

Preliminary investigation a survey of the subsoil conducted by an engineering geologist in conjunction with a civil engineer. Typically, the footprint of the structure is established on the proposed building site and trenches up to fourteen feet deep are dug both outside, and more importantly, inside, the proposed footprint using the bucket-end of a backhoe. In extreme cases, a larger, more powerful tracked excavator is used.

The geologist is looking for potential failure planes, expansive clays, excessive moisture, potential for proper compaction, and other variables that go into the construction of a solid foundation. Materials are also gathered to determine the maximum compaction value of the subsurface. Preliminary investigations should always be conducted prior to the construction of any permanent structure.

The general principle of investigation is the integrated works, which means that along with the investigation and exploration of the main types of minerals, all accompanying mineral components and the possibilities for their utilization are also being examined, as well as hydrogeological, mining, geotechnical and other issues. Climatic, geoeconomic, socioeconomic and economic-geological perspectives and risks are also being studied.. Sneak Peek #6 - BUCKET-WHEEL EXCAVATOR:

BUCKET-WHEEL EXCAVATOR is a heavy equipment used in surface mining. The primary function of BWEs is to act as a continuous digging machine in large-scale open-pit mining operations, removing thousands of tons of overburden a day. What sets BWEs apart from other large-scale mining equipment, such as bucket chain excavators, is their use of a large wheel consisting of a continuous pattern of buckets used to scoop material as the wheel turns. They rank among the largest vehicles (land or sea) ever produced, and the largest of the bucket-wheel excavators (the 14,200 ton Bagger 293) still holds the Guinness World Record for the heaviest land-based vehicle ever constructed by man.

Bucket-wheel excavators have been used in mining for the past century, with some of the first being manufactured in the 1920s. They are used in conjunction with many other pieces of mining machinery (conveyor belts, spreaders, crushing stations, heap-leach systems, etc.) to move and mine massive amounts of overburden (waste).
The principal components of a BWE are the bucket-wheel with its buckets, the bucket-wheel drive at the head of the wheel boom, the slewable superstructure with counterweight boom, the substructure with crawler undercarriage and a transfer boom or loading unit (crawler-mounted loading bridge) for transfer of material to the bench conveyor.

In the 1950s two German mining firms ordered the world's first extremely large BWEs, and had three BWEs built for mining lignite near Cologne, Germany. The German BWEs had a wheel of over 16 m (52 ft) in diameter, weighed 5,500 short tons (5,000 t) and was over 180 m (600 ft) long, with eighteen crawler units for movement and could cut a swath of over 180 m (600 ft) at one time. Sneak Peek #9 Drilling machine:

A drilling machine is a stationary or self-propelled unit for drilling wells in rocks of various strengths for underground and open-pit mining of mineral resources. There are machines for different purposes: for drilling exploration, mining, including explosive, as well as special wells (degassing, for descent materials, etc.). According to the method of rock destruction, there are percussion rotary and rotary drilling machines. These machines drill wells with a diameter from 100mm to 1000mm to a depth of 200m. Diamond drilling machines used for drilling wells during clearing and exploration in solid and very solid rocks, they have a high frequency of rotation of the drill rod (from 2000 rotations/min and more).

In medium-heavy and heavy self-propelled machines, all working mechanisms and equipment are installed on the platform. Self-propelled drilling machine includes a caterpillar platform, a pneumatic engine or a car, a mast, a rotational-feed mechanism with a drill rod, a compressor, an oil tower, various drive motors with starting equipment, instrumentation and drilling process control equipment, pneumatic transport systems and dust absorption, jacks for machine installation. Mobile (portable) drilling machines have a working body with a drive, brace columns for its installation in the underground workings, a frame on which all parts of the machine are mounted, and a control panel.

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