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Mic Test Online is a great website that apprises you about the microphone’s health of your machine. It helps you check if your microphone is working properly. Interestingly, it’s a website-built-in microphone test which means a particular app or tool doesn’t have to be downloaded/installed. It has been developed in such a way that you don’t have to worry about your machine type or the operating system you are using. It is very much compatible with almost every device and the operating system currently in vogue.

We are offering here free online Mobile, Tablet, iPad, IOS, Android compatible mic test tools. Besides, another amazing feature of using a mic test online is that it will provide you with a plethora of information that you will find quite useful while using your microphone. Microphone’s name, the audio channel’s numbers that it uses, the same rate and/or size, latency, and support info about each cancellation/noise suppression are some of the examples of such services. Above all, in case of any issues with your microphone, will provide you with useful tips to fix your microphone’s issues yourself. 

Why go for a Mic Test?

Wellthere is a host of reasons as to why people should get their mic tested. Below, we are going to discuss some of them.

  • When you want to check your newly purchased microphone test it to see if it functions well.
  • When you want to see if the headset connected to the mic is properly enabled
  • When you want to be sure that the computer's built-in mic gives the best sound quality
  • When you want to see if the webcam in the system has a built-in mic
  • When you want to be sure that all the applications on your system on well compatible with the mic
  • When you want to critically appreciate the mic’s visualizer.
  • Well, there is nothing wrong with checking the mic just out of curiosity

Is it easy to test your Mic?

YES, it’s not only easy but also simple to test your mic. The website has a built-in online tool that helps you test your mic. Be careful to wait till all your multimedia devices have been detected and then click on “Test my mic”. In case, you don’t see the button or a notification thereby, there is a chance that your browser has some error that needs to be fixed which you can do easily by contacting the website.

What are the system requirements for mic testing?

Yes, perhaps that is the most relevant question to be answered before you head for mic testing. The basic point in this regard is that you need to have downloaded/installed the latest version of any browser. Here let it be pointed out that Internet Explorer is not an updated browser, so it is not going to work for mic testing. The rest of the browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Eric, etc. can be used to test mic. The reason for Internet Explorer being incapable of mic testing is that it doesn’t support functions to access multimedia devices on your system.

Also, our microphone testing tool is built-in too in all the updated internet browsers which means you don’t need to download/install any additional software like Adobe Flash, or particular plug-ins for a browser or Microsoft Silverlight. Interestingly, you can easily test your microphone irrespective of the type of device you use which means the microphone of your machine can easily be integrated (into headphones, or laptops or mobile machines), wireless devices such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth ones, or using TRL, XLR or USB. Following are the operating systems with minimum versions of the supported browsers:


  • Android
    • Samsung Browser 5.2
    • Chrome 54.0
    • Firefox 68.0

  • Chrome OS
    • Chrome 69.0

  • Firefox OS
    • Firefox 48.0

  • Linux
    • Firefox 70.0
    • Chrome 77.0
    • Chromium 78.0

  • macOS
    • Chrome 80.0
    • Safari 11.1

  • Windows 10
    • Chrome 63.0
    • Edge 17.0
    • Firefox 71.0
    • Opera 64.0

  • Windows 7
    • Chrome 58.0
    • Firefox 61.0
    • Opera 67

  • Windows 8
    • Chrome 80.0
    • Firefox 74.0

  • Windows 8.1
    • Chrome 79.0
    • Firefox 74.0

  • IOS
    • Safari 12.1

  • macOS
    • Safari 12.1
    • Chrome 79.0
    • Firefox 74.0

 Nonetheless, if the browser you are using is not listed here has to be tested yourself provided it is the latest version of that software. 

Mic Test Privacy Protection

  1. Since the browser’s inbuilt tool performs all the required functions, so the data used for this purpose is stored in the user’s device memory.
  2. The site doesn’t store the technical info about the user or the machine until the user agrees to publish feedback about his mic’s performance.
  3. All the data from the user’s device memory gets deleted as soon as the page is closed should the user opt not to publish a review/comment.
  4. Reviews can be viewed publicly and provide kind of technical information about the microphones.
  5. The website never stores any audio recordings made with your microphone.


Mic Test Online Troubleshooting

Despite all the precautions, if you still come across certain technical issues, the following troubleshooting guide may help you out. If no line appears after allowing access to your mic, then try one of the following:

Step1. Try to produce a louder sound as in some cases low sound fail to produce a line

Step 2.  Sometimes, the built-in tool doesn’t load properly and as such, doesn’t function properly. So try to reload the website.

Step 3. If all the steps fail to bring the line, then you are supposed to check if your microphone is properly connected.

The following points should also be born up in mind.

If a line does appear but it is not moving, the chances are that your microphone is either not properly set up or broken. In such situations, go for these checks to resolve the issue.

Check 1: In case your browser is a Safari browser, then you need to experiment with a different browser or a different kind of test.

Check 2: Checkout if your microphone is inserted into the right (normally pink) socket on the computer. You don’t have to use the pink microphone if it is a mic with a USB connector.

Check 3: Check out that your microphone has not been muted as sometimes the mute button on the mic or on the wire gets on which causes the mic to stop function.

Check 4: Check out the volume level as in some cases the volume level is turned to the minimum level.

Benefits of having a Microphone Tested Properly

Online Voice Recorder:

One of the numerous benefits of having an efficient microphone is that you can record your voice online. There are websites that offer you a facility to online record your voice and the plus point is that the facility is absolutely free. Again, such websites have a built-in tool to record your online voice that means you don’t have to download/install any additional app or tool. The website lets you record your online voice using an efficient microphone. The recorded file is saved as an MP 3 file on to the system.

Auto silence trimming:

You can enjoy the efficiency of online voice recording/trimming to the full if your microphone has been tested properly and is found to be functioning properly. The auto silence trimming tool on the online recording website detects the silent patches themselves right at the beginning and at the end of your online recording sessions and deletes the patches from the MP 3 file as per your convenience.

Cut your recording:

Once the online voice recording is complete and has been saved as an MP 3 file, it can be cropped to the section actually needed. Last but not least, in this article, we have strived hard to discuss and resolve all the issues related to mic testing through The website is easy, secure, fast, and ensures full protection to your data without charging a single penny.

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