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MAGIX Video Deluxe 2019 Steam Edition Key Serial Number

MAGIX Video Deluxe 2019 Steam Edition Key Serial Number

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About This Software

Experience video editing that's a ton of fun – all thanks to Video Deluxe 2019 - Steam Edition. The software offers fast and direct handling and enab 5d3b920ae0

Title: MAGIX Video deluxe 2019 Steam Edition
Genre: Video Production
MAGIX Software GmbH
MAGIX Software GmbH
Release Date: 26 Sep, 2018


  • OS: Windows 7 | 8 | 10 (64-bit)
  • Processor: 2,4 GHz
  • Memory: 5485 MB RAM
  • G


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Luna and the Moonling v1.0 has been released! : Luna and the Moonling has left early access and is now a finished release! Don't worry though - we are already hard at work creating a FREE new quest for the game. We would like to thank all our early access players for helping us make the game as fun and polished as it turned out to be. You all rock! If you love the game as much as we do and would like to support our release, the best way you can support us at this point (besides buying/gifting the game if you haven't already) is to tell EVERYONE! Track us down on all our social media (see and SHARE our post about the game releasing today! Thanks again and stay tuned for future updates! -- Greyborn Studios. Border of her Heart Luna and the Moonling Greyborn Studios is now on Discord! : We have just started a Discord chat server for Greyborn Studios! Feel free to stop by and say hello, ask us questions, get support, share tips, get sneak peaks of what we're up to, or just chat with us.. HELLO.PLAYERS.BIG.NEWS.COMING. : The newest, promised big update for RoboSnakes: Core Wars Legacy will be arriving today, January 3.. Emergency Robot Simulator RoboSnakes: Core Wars Legacy NEW.PATCH.ALERT.. IF.NEW.YEAR.THEN.NEW.UPDATE.. Releasing soon! : Hey all, we just wanted to say that we are almost done with our internal beta testing and fixing just a handful of known bugs and should be releasing the game as "version 1.0" very soon! Once we get the beta where we want it over the coming days we will be launching the beta as the final Early Access build. We hope many of you can play this build and give us some final feedback. Some of the things that will be coming in the final version include: Full voice acting The final Moon Isles quest levels and cutscenes Lots of performance improvements Graphics polish with final art, animations, sounds, vfx, etc Multi-language support Better controller support As we have always said, we will be raising the price to the full $19.99 (USD) once we exit early access, so if you or a friend is interested in the game, now is a great time to get it before that happens and it is still 50% OFF. Looking ahead, we will begin work on the v1.1 build of the game that will unlock the free DLC quest called "Desert Barrens", a very challenging quest that continues the story and contains harder "expert" level puzzles.. Delay! : We are sorry to inform you that we need more time before release. We are working hard to deliver you the best possible product. "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad". The game will be released on 26.12.2019.. Performance Patch! : We have just released a new build of the game (v1.1.8664) that increases performance across all platforms (Win/Mac/Linux) and includes some minor polish and bug fixes as well. New: Added winter holiday props and snow effect to the main menu backgrounds Updates: Updated the game's lightmaps on all levels Optimizations: Updated the game's engine for better performance across all platforms Added 64bit and Metal support for Mac (on supported systems) Updated our shader cache to reduce GPU work at runtime Tweaked graphics quality Low setting for better performance and particle visuals Fixes: Fixed misc.. Early Access 3 build for Luna and the Moonling is live! : We have just released a new build of the game addressing some player feedback and bugs (thank you!) as well as updates from our ongoing development. This build will allow you to collect all the Early Access level Stars, smooths out the difficulty on some levels, and makes a few visual improvements and optimizations. The following changes are below. New: No new features. Updates: The HUD Stars now turn grey when you can no longer get that Star on that playthrough. More animation on the Level Complete UI for Stars (still in progress). Added parallax to the terrain shaders for a nicer, more 3D look. Added and reworded some early hints to be clearer and better explain core game mechanics. Moon Portal now activates faster when last Crystal is collected. Better balanced some existing Time and Step Star goal data (made it more challenging). Made a change to Level 10 for better balancing (made the puzzle a bit more focused to make it easier). Made the dialog box text type twice as fast. Updated Credits. Optimizations: Optimizations to generated terrain mesh and fixed bad tangents/normals. Changed a lightmap setting to reduce memory usage. Fixes: Fixed camera at end of Moonling cutscene. Luna now closes her eyes when she faints. Can no longer pause the game while in cutscenes (can still skip). Changed the development console to SHIFT+ to avoid people bringing it up by accident. Fixed cutscene skipping using the wrong button. Fixed issue where volume level in the Options UI showing and setting the volume wrong. Moon Crystal collection VFX now fade properly on collection. Luna can no longer the Moon Portal if she fainted. Fixed being able to walk through closed Gates after a checkpoint reload. Fixed levels with missing Time and Step Star data so they can no longer be collected. Known Issues: There are still some holes in the terrain that needs filling. The game may not properly detect your controller if you have more than one hooked up. The game may not properly use a controller if it is not properly detected (including Steam controller).. New Build - Now on Linux! : We have just released a new build of the game (v1.0.8471). This build allows the game to run on Linux, adds some Halloween charm, and also includes some UI updates. New: Linux version! (both 32bit and 64bit) Added some Halloween props in main menu for the holiday Updates: Updated the Level Select UI screen Optimizations: None Fixes: Minor fixes.

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