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Bad news for supporters of "La Vecchia Signora": Juventus won't be in fifa 20 coins (or beyond) ... at least not as you've grown accustomed to them being in FIFA recently.

The club announced Tuesday morning in Turin that they'd entered into a "long term" arrangement with Konami's PES, a move that primarily will impact seeing the familiar Juve badge and their Adidas-made kits in FIFA. The club's Allianz Stadium will also be unable to be featured in the game. A source told Futhead that the terms of the deal were expansive, and to give you an idea of the scope, the economics didn't even make sense for a title as successful financially as FIFA.

EA issued a press release in the aftermath of the news clarifying that the club will be known as "Piemonte Calcio" for licensing reasons in future versions of the game, will not feature the badge and uniform, but would receive live roster updates in the various game modes and be playable in places like the new "VOLTA" game mode. Existing face scans will remain in the game, but EA won't be able to do new ones with players on Juve unless they're completed before they transfer there.

FIFA 19 players who became familiar with "Buenos Aires FC" after Boca Juniors signed an exclusive licensing agreement elsewhere can roughly grasp what to expect when the arrangement becomes effective in this fall's game.

The largest lingering question still remaining is what to expect when it comes to dynamic images of Juve players for special items in FIFA's most popular mode, Ultimate Team. It's theoretically conceivable that photos that include their kits could be Photoshopped enough -- PES has done this with photos of players on teams they didn't have licenses on in myClub, though that's not to say EA's agreements would allow them do so as well -- to make the images pass licensing muster and thus be able to be included in the game, but that hasn't proven the case with Boca Juniors. We'll have to wait and see.

For those curious why these deals aren't as impactful to Manchester United or Bayern Munich, who both also recently entered into partnerships with Konami/PES, those teams' league licenses are more expansive than Serie A's and thus allow EA to still use IP aspects they can't in the Juventus more mut 19 coins Click Here

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