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Looking for a cheaper JUUL alternatives people are at a risk of getting a knock-off. Know how to identify them to avoid puffing from hazardous products. And still, vladdin kush pod some “Juul killers” even can beat the main hero at its own ring.

JUUL has been a dominant player in the e-cigarette space for a long time now. It has been popular across different age groups in the United States. So far, the JUUL pod enjoys the lion share in the e-cigarettes market. Thanks to its popularity, more similar pod systems and vape products have been innovated to rival it. This is a good thing because new innovations encourage healthy competition that ensures sustained quality of products. Unfortunately, however, some unscrupulous manufacturers are taking advantage of JUUL’s popularity to counterfeit JUUL and dupe customers.

Despite the competition from rival alternative products, the market has also had to grapple with fake JUUL. The JUUL killers are counterfeit products that imitate the appearance of the original products.Given the various factors highlighted, there are JUUL competitors offering a good replacement. The JUUL alternatives discussed here aren’t necessarily perfect but are probably equally good or even better. After all, variety is the spice of life.

The Suorin Edge has a unique design – coming with a removable 230mAh battery that you can trade in or out when they are dead or running low. Its charging system, which is USB C, is also nice – charging the battery quickly in around 30 minutes or less. This pod system has a working voltage of 3.3 to 4.2 volts and a maximum output wattage of 10 watts.

The pod it comes with has a 1.5mL juice capacity and features a special horizontal 1.4-ohm coil atomizer with organic cotton. With this device, you can expect satisfying hits, great vapor production, and phenomenal flavor, what makes it a great juul alternative.

The Suorin Edge bears similar dimensions as the Juul; its slim enough design allows it to both fit perfectly in your pocket and be as easy to carry around as the Juul. The Suorin Edge comes with removable batteries and refillable pods unlike the Juul – giving you more power and versatility.

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