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About This Game

Travel the world, meet interesting new people, and assassinate them for money!

"It's Killing Time" is an ultra-violent 140,000-word interactive nov 5d3b920ae0

Title: It's Killing Time
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Choice of Games
Choice of Games
Release Date: 27 Jun, 2015


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This was not the kind of game I was expecting. It's very much focused on your "family" of assassins and your connections to them. You're trying to solve a mystery, but you're forced to go on these assignments that have nothing to do with what's going on. Pros: -Story was long enough. -Opportunities to increase your stats, more often than similar games. -There was one interesting fight, but I don't want to give spoilers. You can choose to romance this person as well, which I thought was pretty cool and went well with my character. -The reason 'why' part of the mystery was a twist I wasn't expecting. But the 'how' I saw coming a mile away. Neutral: -Tries really hard to give you romance options. -What you did will give you the ending of the story, don't have the option to choose. -Ending will take into account reputation, fame, money, character fates. -Secrets and hidden achievements. Cons: -The writing is pretty bad, I found alot of it silly and ridiculous. -Alot of the time the game ignores your abilities and decisions. A scene just plays out with you dropping bodies like you're a super assassin. You always accomplish your mission. -Spend alot of time hanging out with your assassin friends and descibing the beauty around you, rather than focusing on how you're going to complete your mission. -Way too many characters, very one dimensional archetypes, didn't care about most of them, they're boring. You meet a bunch of characters then next chapter a new bunch of characters are introduced. How many assassins are there?!? -Didn't like the references to previous missions you haven't gone on. Makes you feel like you're missing a part of the story. -Disappointing final boss fight. Final Verdict: Game tried really hard to make you a team player who cares about their "family". You may find the story more engaging if you play your character this way, and not a lone wolf like I did. If you like the story there's certainly good replay options. But for me it just wasn't worth the time or money, this is one of the weaker CYOA games.. I wasn't expecting much from 'It's Killing Time' due to the 'Mixed' review score, but I picked it up in a mini-bundle from 'Choice of Games,' a publisher who I really like. I've played maybe a dozen or so of the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' games and really like them. I've mostly gravitated towards the highly reviewed ones though, so when I decided to play this one I expected to 'kill' some 'time' and that's about it. Wrong! I really enjoyed 'It's Killing Time' actually. I played through twice, once as a 'good' guy and once as a 'bad' guy. You play as a contract killer embroiled in a deadly conspiracy of murder and deception, all the while trying to maintain a successful dossier of contracts. The thing I liked most about this 'game' was that I was not being punished because I did not stack the correct 'talent.' You can be deadly, cunning, or intelligent and it will serve you well and not gate you off from succeeding. Many of the CYOA games have a point in the game where you were supposed to have built up a specific attribute that will be used at a crucial point in the story and if you didn't randomly choose the right one you fail. It's essentially the death of the 'choice' aspect of the story which defeats the purpose. IKA instead allows you to role-play the character YOU want and makes it rewarding by using your chosen skills to solve the problems that come your way. Thanks! As for the story itself I won't spoil anything but it's a fairly straightforward tale of espionage including some nice surprises and a decent twist. What the story does certainly attempt (and succeed) at doing is making you feel cool. The descriptions of your daring exploits are well-written and have an eye towards flair and drama (NOT gritty realism) that make you feel awesome (John Wick-esque). Overall this was one of my favorite CYOA games and one I highly recommend. It's meant to be over-the-top and implausible but it works and is a fun ride.. It's straight forward. The writing could definitely be better, as there aren't too many elements about any characters, or the story on the whole that I would write home about. Itu2019s fairly predictable, and itu2019s very easy to navigate the game with a single set of skills without issue or conflict. But with the stream of mediocre and even poor games released from Choice of Games, it was nice to play something that was straight forward. The game was advertised as one where you get to be an assassin, and it delivers on that front. That seems like an oddly simple thing to praise a game for, but thatu2019s exactly where these games have been failing of late. Theyu2019ve been so busy preaching its own morality that it stopped feeling like I was embarking on an adventure of my own will. Theyu2019ve been taking place in entirely author created worlds with too many moving pieces and not nearly enough words or time to let the reader immerse themselves into it; that too with worlds that arenu2019t nearly as interesting as the respective authors believe them to be. Theyu2019re so distracted at being something else that they stop being choose your own adventures. This was just that, an adventure where youu2019re choosing the details, and steering the story. Itu2019s not one of the truly better Choice of Games entries, but I have to give it a positive review for having the right idea, when others are trending in a worse direction.. For a "Choice of" strory, the game is kinda underwhelming. It's more of a combination game (find what works best for which achievement) than a truly role-playing game. And it's short. Basically, it is well made, but I so not recommend it. There are better games from the same publisher out there.. Brilliant game. I'm an avid reader, and i greatly enjoyed this game. must buy at this cheap price.. This game is bad yo. Choice of Games usually runs from OK to Pretty Damn Good, and this was.I wanna say, embarrassingly bad?

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