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About This Game

Shoot 'em up with the 3rd game in the Gundemonium Collection series. Hitogata Happa is considered one of the hardest doujin style shooters ever! – Unlike the first two games, Hiitogata Happa is a vertical scrolling upward shooter, the action in this game is a visual mish-mash of weaponry that will give your senses a total overload. Threatened by an invading army who is terrorizing the land, Rosa enlisted the magic of a witch, Kreutzer – who has charmed her own army of magic dolls, each with extreme power and crazy weapons. Use these dolls to take revenge on the invaders as you blast through six, intense stages. Choose from twelve playable characters (four unlockable), each with their own special abilities, and unlock secret game features.

Key features:

  • 6 stages of vertical-scrolling bullet insanity
  • Sweet old-school retro anime-style art
  • 8 playable characters, and 4 unlockable characters
  • 2 unlockable special modes
  • 13 Steam achievements
  • Full online leaderboards
  • New arranged soundtrack by Woofle

Title: Hitogata Happa
Genre: Action, Indie
Platine Dispositif
Rockin' Android
Release Date: 27 Sep, 2011


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If you want to enjoy this game, you NEED to read the manual. Playing this blind is odious and how you need to play it is not as obvious as most other shmups.
The thing about having to crash against the bosses to kill them is interesting, but just as you would think, is very annoying to pull off since if you get hit by a bullet it negates the explosion and that's what's most likely to happen as you near the boss you're trying to attack.
The thing about the game entering sudden death mode when the timer runs out on the bosses, sure, it enforces the suicide bomb playstyle expected from the game, but will be an immediate turn down for anyone who, like me, came expecting a traditional shmup and didn't look for the manual. So, hopefully, you'll read the \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665ing game up. It still makes boss fights really annoying if you take too long to beat them, which is more likely than not since you'll spend most of your time running into bullets while trying to suicide into the boss. Hopefully this problem is solved once you give yourself enough practice and time to learn the game, I did not give myself that many.
One thing I remember from this game is that there were a couple patterns on \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665ing easy that did not \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665ing belong on easy.
One thing that bothered me a lot is that once you die, you get a short time to select a new character to send out, which you can select with the arrow keys. DON'T. Just \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665ing DON'T. If I want to select a new character before spawning, at least let it be only with the actual character selection keys. It's REALLY annoying when I set some character to be the next one to go out, and then when the current one dies, a completely different one is sent out because I didn't let go of the arrow keys or I pressed it too early.. Create your very own armada of cute little girls,then blow 'em up.. Excellent doujin vertical shmup with impressive sprites,flawless controls and a very nice original mechanic:instead of a single character you control a party of marionettes,each having distinct attacks and abilities.
Oh and despite having four different difficulty settings the game is fairly challenging even on the lowest one.. Probably my favorite out of the localized Gundemonium Collection. I'm not an expert and bullet hell\/heaven by any means, but I sunk a lot of time trying to get the best ending on the lowest difficulty. There's a lot of quirks about this one that you won't see in a typical shooter game. You can get a large number of lives (to a certain point) by buying dolls in-between rounds. Each of these dolls are basically your ship that you can use to fight enemies with and each has a different function as well as their own unique super ability. Each of them also has the ability to become a bomb by themselves, you won't be able to use a bomb unless you ram your doll into things, thus sacrificing it for large amounts of damage which is essential to beating bosses later on. Speaking of bosses, you're against the clock. Once you run out of time, you can certainly still beat a boss, but...

In any case, there's a lot of depth and play in this game. I've got this on both this and the PS3 and I much prefer this one for the arranged music that they added in over the PC\/PS3 release. If you're a fan of STGs, this one is probably up your alley.. Tight scenarios, a rain of flares and (what they look like) rose petals and amazing music, you simply don't see fireworks like in this game at your Disneyland. Plus those aren't your ordinary everyday Barbie dolls!!.

Magical dolls are the weapon of choice in this vertical scrolling shoot-em-up game. Putting the major hang-up first, attacking slows player movement, this requires a conscious choice between offense and defense that doesn't have a smooth transition due to the ramp up/down of the movement potentiality.

The addition of hidden enrage timers on bosses leading to an instant loss is also an odd choice to include in a game where your required to stop attacking to survive.. The real Dark Souls begins here

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