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High-Tenacity Multifilament Yarn

Diolen Industrial Fibers is offering a high-tenacity multifilament made with Fortron polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), which is produced by Fortron Industries LLC, a joint venture of Ticona Engineering Polymers and Kureha Corporation. This high-performance yarn, called Diofort, is inherently flame-retardant, has high durability, toughness and chemical resistance, and withstands extremely hot environments that can stress conventional multifilaments to their performance limits. nylon multifilament yarn

Diofort multifilament is used to reinforce hydraulic oil hoses in power steering systems where it helps to reduce vibration and noise. It also can be applied in other vehicle systems, such as fuel lines and charge-air coolers, to provide resistance to high pressure and temperature while allowing for hose flexibility. Other possible applications range from industrial filter systems for flue gases and aggressive liquids to composites for aerospace systems.

Diolen makes Diofort yarn in a multi-stage process. After plasticizing and extruding Fortron PPS in a multifilament extruder at the desired diameter, individual filaments undergo controlled stretching in a well-defined temperature range. This yields a high-tenacity multifilament yarn having excellent mechanical properties for use as reinforcement or in fabrics, nonwovens or other textiles. The yarns can be combined with glass, carbon and other polymer fibers to yield blended fabrics.

Fortron PPS gives the Diofort yarns and their fabrics excellent chemical resistance to withstand aggressive media, low water absorption, high strength to 190°C (about 375°F) and flame retardancy.

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