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has been granted Russian citizenship

Kateryna Lagno Granted Russian Citizenship

Ukrainian chess player Kateryna Lagno has been granted Russian citizenship by Vladimir Putin fake cartier love bracelet yellow gold size 16, informs Itar Tass. The statement has been published on the official portal today. "To comply with the request of Lateryna Lagno, born on December 27 1989 in Ukraine to obtain Russian citizenship," says the document.

Thus the mission "from Ukraine to Russia" might be accomplished. Kateryna has officially become Russian citizen and has the right to represent Russian national team (Ukrainian chess federation disagrees with the decision), the Organizers of the Tromso Olympiad allowed all previously excluded federations to partiipate in the upcoming event, so now it seems that all the legal issues questioning if the citizen of Ukraine has the right to represent Russian national team might be settled cartier bracelets replica. Meanwhile, Lagno stresses her decision to switch federations is not politically motivated.

According to Chess Results, up to now Ukrainian Women national team had four players announced: Anna and Mariya Muzychuk, Anna Ushenina and Natalia Zhukova.

Rex Sinquefield: "Next Year We Want to Do This Again Maybe a Little Bigger"

The winner of the Sinquefield Cup which is finishing in St. Louis is yet not known. Rex Sinquefiled, the American businessman and director of the event, announced "Next year we want to do this again maybe a little bigger cartier love ring replica amazon," noting that this year tournament exceeded his expectations.

Naz Paikidze: Georgia Russia Georgia. chess player.

This photo was made when she was 17

Ukraine Demands FIDE to Treat National Federations Equally

Crimea and Lagno topics discussed in UCF open letter to FIDE

From Ukraine to Russia

Kateryna Lagno to play for Russia at the Olympiad if formalities are settled

Ukrainian Team Coach Mikhail Brodsky: "Our Team Is Not a Bit Weaker Now"

The coach of the Ukrainian women national team GM Mikhail Brodsky gave an interview to XSPORT, we offer you extracts below. Namely Brodsky told about the situation in the team prior to the start of the Olympiad which opens on August 1 in Tromso.

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