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Title: Great Hero's Beard
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG
Release Date: 17 Oct, 2018

English,Traditional Chinese,Russian,Japanese,Thai

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Most idle style games are free, and for good reason. Their mechanics are generally simplistic, and often their art and sound are subpar (if not almost offensively "retro"). Great Hero's Beard is the rare exception for the genre-it's of an unusually high quality in both art and sound, and is fairly engaging. Rather than being able to leave the game alone for hours, coming back to reap the benefits of your AFK time, it requires you to regularly (every couple minutes or so) come back to the game and recycle your gear or change stages. While it doesn't reinvent the wheel with its moment-to-moment gameplay, it keeps things engaging with a very pleasant ambient soundtrack and hand-drawn art and animation style. Trading in your loot (dropped by enemies) builds a meter that eventually awards you either higher quality gear, or stat/skill points, making it more than just a tacked-on feature with no long-term value. Your character's appearance will also reflect his current gear, which is a nice (and frankly, necessary) minor feature of the game. If there's really any complaint, it's that while every piece of gear has a unique name (Like "Poor Butcher's Cleaver" or "Infected Priest's Barbed Hand Wraps", the names are for flavor only, and don't seem to reflect the quality of the gear, or any of the stat boosts that you might get from them. All cleavers look the same, all tunics look the same, etc. While I understand the practicality of that, it seems like needless flavor text that I generally ignore, and instead simply look at the stat lines before recycling or equipping. Also, since this is an idle game, it's not a "clicker".clicking your mouse does nothing, and so you don't have to worry about clicking like mad and dealing with finger cramps. As far as I'm concerned, this is a huge plus. At its heart though, this is just a game about numbers getting bigger, and trying to make your numbers bigger than your opponents' numbers. If you don't like idle-style games, you're probably not going to like this one. But if you even SLIGHTLY enjoy them, this is worth buying, particularly on sale.. Just more grinding.. This game doesn't require a hugely in-depth review. It's basically a clicker/idle game, with some required babysitting since you can't just afk through all the levels. Kill monsters (thats the idle part) > Die > Upgrade gear from drops, dismantle trash gear into loot chests that contain stat points or better gear, spend stat/skill points for better stats or new passive skills that make you stronger > Repeat The music in this game is basic but fitting, animations are pretty high quality and look quite nice, and the core gameplay loop is repetitive but fun. You'll like this game if you like looty/grindy games or idle games. I think even after 1 hour of playtime the $1.19 USD I spent on it was worth it, and I plan on playing it some more. Currently right around Level 50. I do have some suggestions to the devs, if they're taking any: 1. Percentages displayed next to HP and EXP bars would be nice (like XX.XXX%). 2. When comparing gear, if the new gear has a stat the old gear doesnt have, it should be green, and if the old gear has a stat the new one won't, it should be red. It would give gear comparisons more clarity. 3. Maybe more stuff to do? It's possible I haven't reached far enough in the game to unlock any potentially hidden content, but it would be cool if there was more skills and stuff to do back at your "base". 4. A 3x speed button would be nice for previously finished levels.. I can't stop playing it ! What a fun game ! !. Very glad this fun game was in my recommended list. Fast, casual, pick up and play leveling game with no grind, very quick set and forget battles, and a constant sense of advancement where choices in gear, skills, and stats matter. But if you make an error, fear not, a constantly changing "looted" inventory and new points to spend gives you what you need to try again.and succeed! Love the creative, old-time cartoon artwork that changes based on your choices, the fast animations, easy gear comparisons that keep you moving forward. There was a lot of thought that went into this ridiculously low-priced but hugely fun game. Battle damage numbers and actions are easy to read so that you know whether going for a speed and damage build for that round worked, or whether you need to concentrate on defense. Or speed and crits. Or crits and defense. Build and improve skills that actually do what they say, and that you can actually see working in action. Intuitive and quick. Even full price, this game is well worth it. I've spent far more on games that are overly complex with poor controls and/or interfaces and that require just too much thought to really get into. This is a worthy and fun antidote.. Needless to say, this game is addicting. It's well worth $2 and then some. This is what Clicker Heros 2 should have been. It's simple yet has enough depth to not turn others away. There's no real clicking involved which I don't mind and there's plenty of grinding to keep grinders satisfied. NO IN-APP PURCHASES!! Graphics: They are polished and there are nice effects such as the underwater wavering. Every equipment upgrade changes the hero's appearance which is a very nice touch. Music: Game music is solid, the tracks work well with the theme of each world and isn't repetitive. Difficulty/Progression: I would say this game is on the easy side but then again, that's the nature of clicker games. I feel that it progresses at the right rate without being overly frustrating. Reseting gets you XP% gain boost, some additional stats as well as a new beard. Other Details: Really appreciate the small details such as hovering over new acquired equipment and it compares with what's currently equipped, certainly a quality of life feature that's definitely appreciated. Also, when upgrading stats, it blacks out the last stat you just upgraded which is especially helpful for someone like me who likes to evenly distribute stats in sequential order. This game isn't heavy on PC resources which I can say other clicker games seem to suffer from for some reason, despite the fact they're so simple (makes you wonder what kind of shady stuff goes on in the background). Buy this game if you're a fan of idle clickers, you will not regret it.

Update 1.14 : Wondering what that pink cloud is hovering on the world map? It is our new challenge Pink Slime Forever! Complete this and 2 other brand new maps. See if you are Destiny's Next Challenger! Turgut's maximum retirement level increased from 60->80 but beware the consequences it brings to Turgut's health! Turgut's max upgrade stats increaed 200->250 Max princess level increased 120->130 Princess max upgrade stats increased 80->100 For quality of gamer life, we have also added a feature which allows you to convert your unused Skill Points to Stat Points at a rate of 1 skill point for 2 stat points. This becomes available after you hit retirement 30 and remains available the rest of the game.. GHB Battle Manager Update : *New Battle Helpers feature. Pick which one of your princesses you want to fight along in battle. They gain XP and level up just like Turgut. After leveling up distribute stat and skill points of you liking. The higher the total level of all princesses the more bonus stat points you earn.. New Game :. About Missing Savedata : We are recently aware that some of you have lost your savedata. We're very sorry about this situation. 1. Please zip the following folder C:UsersYOUR USER NAMEAppDataLocalLowOnesharkGreat Hero's Beard and send it to . Please also tell us the progress in your game before the data was lost. We'll try and fix, and if we can't, we'll send you a similar data. 2. We're trying to fix the problen, and we're about to add the Steam Cloud function to allow you to access your saved game anywhere. 3. We apologize for the bad experience, please believe in us that we'll be better over time.. Patch Note 11.9 : *Maxing out Turgut stats final level bug fixed *Maxing out Battle Helper stats final level bug fixed *Battle Helper Loyalty Skill now produces boosted % like it should *Reset Stats button for Battle Helpers is now functional. PATCH NOTES 11.23 : The Winter is Coming update is finally here: *We got 6 new maps *3 new bosses *new items *Max stat upgrades increased from 150 to 200 *princess's max levels increased from 100 to 120 *Max princess's stat upgrades also increased from 60 to 80 *4 new achievements. Update 12.18 Fixes and Balancing : Development: Cloud Saves implemented Big Reset Button, is now available to anyone lvl 60 retirement - it resets Turgut's stat points for reorganization Incremental Saves added as failsafe, these occur on any Big Reset and retirement Save functionality a bug was removed that could've been responsible for lost saves Prevention method for those who accidentally had a princess 1 level too high, this allows the bug to fix itself so you can play without error Map Camera is reset upon the beginner zones, not the frozen zone Balancing: Avalanche Legendary Axe drop boosted from 0.01% to 2% Sea King's Legendary Sword drop boosted from 0.01% to 0.05%. New Game :. Day 1 Bug Fix Rollout : 1. Intro animation had an untranslated line which was fixed 2. A couple translations were small, unreadable, clipped and were fixed 3. Items with a NEW stat will show yellow stat text upon Item Comparison 4. Achievements for stats, such as speed demon, should now also unlock when adding Gear, not just from the [+] symbol 5. KEEP GIVING US FEEDBACK - HELP US MAKE ONESHARK GREAT AGAIN.. Fall Update Patch2 : Greetings beard owners! Today we present you with a mini Fall update which contains plenty of bug fixes and small very practical features. We got plenty more epic stuff coming next big update ''Winter is Coming''. Features Added Toggle button in settings for the grain and scratches to turn off if players wish Keybind so you can add stats using 1,2,3,4,5 numeric keys Sell all button above inventory Auto-save during every game transition (will save after every battle due to this now) German Localization added! Bugs Fixed the Settings bug you showed in screenshot where jap text didnt fit.

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